January 29, 2010

yup... I am still PREGNANT!!

Today I woke up at 5 am like I have done for the last 5 nights in a row. I don't know why my body wakes up at that time but it just does. I toss, turn and toss again and eventually I do fall asleep. Today when it happened I rubbed my belly and told the babies (I don't know if there is only one in there or two.. so for now they are the babies) that all is ok and to go back to sleep. I did manage to fall back to sleep myself but woke up again at 9 so I listened to my meditation and then read my book until D wok up at around 11. Bless him!

We spent the rest of the day walking around shops and I kept on running my belly up and down and all around, in a pregnant bliss. I am so blessed to be pregnant against all odds. I cannot believe it but my belly and my many pregnancy tests (yup, I did POAS again this morning and yup I am still pregnant!!) tell me that it's not all in my head but I am Pregnant!

I know there are lots of women out there who look for other's symptoms in the hope that their signs and their own match in the hope of being pregnant. So for those girls out there I want to keep track of my symptoms so far, starting from today:
  1. sore, itchy, warm and bumpy boobs (started on 3dp5dt);

  2. light cramps and twinges (started 2dp5dt);

  3. feeling hot and then cold (started3dp5dt);

  4. heartburn (started 7dp5dt);

  5. increased appetite (started 7dp5dt);

  6. dizziness (when I sit down for too long and I get up but also out of the blue 3dp5dt);

  7. bloated and warm belly (7dp5dt);

  8. very faint BFP (4dp5dt)

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