January 25, 2010

I am not seeing double....


Here is the story behind the above. I wake up this morning and like every morning for the last week or so, I run to the toilet and POAS, leave the test and go back to bed. Now I have to underline I always do this. I go back to check in an hour or so and for the last 3 days.. there was that lone line. Well today I am sitting on the toilet and I pick up the test all so nonchalantly and there it is that faint but definite second line. I am screaming. I turn the test one way, the other, the other again, I look at it and the line is still there. I picture it and send it to D. (thank God for blackberries!!) He IM me telling me what is it suppose to mean. I call him and he can see it too.

I spend the next 10 minutes on the floor of my toilet praying to God that this is not a false positive but indeed a real BFP.. or at least the beginning of one. All last night before sleep I kept on praying to God, and I mean really praying, for a sign. For something that would make me believe that this could really be the time we get pregnant. I am so thankful for this sign... oh I am so so thankful. I keep running to the toilet to see it. I keep picking it up and looking at it... and yup the second line is there. I am tempted to POAS again but I am scared the diluted urine of the day won't show anything as this morning test's was done with FMU... and it's still early to be getting a BFP.. I know that!!! I will diligently wait until tomorrow morning and be thankful for what I got today..

On another news... I GOT A FAINT BFP!! (nothing is more important today!!!) This is such a roller coaster!!!


  1. Wooo Hooo!
    That can be the word of the day!
    I'm absolutely ecstatic for you :)

  2. I don't want to read too much into it.. I am still thinking it could all be a dream and I could wake up and realise it was all one amazing dream!!! I will keep on POAS and praying for the line to get darker!! Welcome to the 2ww!!!