January 9, 2010

we got follicles!!!!

Last night went so well in terms of injections!! I iced the area well for 10 minutes, put on Friends to distract myself and then when my leg felt unbelievably cold DH did the first injection and I did not feel it going in!! DH said that this time he did it very slowly and gently and I told him that this is the way forward!! I was so relieved. Then he did the Menopur and I did not feel it go in either!! It was amazing!! If it wasn't for the little bit of blood afterwards I could not believe he had done it!! Great night!!

This morning we went for our first ultrasound and after much looking around (got to love those moments...) all looks great for this part of our cycle. As last time we have more follicles on the right (5) and less on the left (4) but overall things are looking good. Last time I was on Menopur for 7 days before we triggered but this time it might be a bit longer as my dosage are lower. She wants to see us again on Monday morning and see how things look like.She thinks that we will do the ER between the 15-18 of January. Only time will tell!!!

To treat myself and as D is going to play some football with his friends tonight, I am going for a mani/pedi and massage! I am planning to have a neck and shoulders massage but now I don't know if I should as I read that oils can effect IVF (googling this did not give me straight answers!) and from what I gather I should stay away from aromatherapy oils! If I freak out too much I am just not going to do that and will just go for the mani/pedi! I am tempted to go for Get Lucky on my nails but I think it will be too cheesy!! LOL


  1. YAY for lots of follicles! Hope you enjoy your spa day!

  2. Sounds like we're on the same schedule. My ER should be between 1/14 and 1/16. The ice certainly does the trick with the injections. Great news about the follicles. Good luck!