January 18, 2010

We got 8 embryos!!!!

I started this blog saying how I am feeling bloated and tired and constipated. Then I got a call from my clinic... out of the 9 they injected 8 took and are growing!!!! I am so over the moon with that!!! She also said that we are on course for a 5 day transfer!!! I am on cloud 9, the pain and constipation is gone.. all I have is a BIG FAT smile on my face!!! We got 8... we got 8!!! Keep growing embryos and keep strong...!!!! The transfer is set for Thursday the21st. We don't have a time yet but we should know more tomorrow!!!

Now DH and I are debating how many to put in. God and universe willing, we will have 3 blasts to chose from on Thursday. DH wants to put in 3 great looking blasts, I am thinking of putting back 2 great blasts and 1 not so good blast. I know last time we put in 2 day 3 embryos and they did not take and that my diminished ovarian reserve is just going to get worse and that the percentage of getting triplets is 5% or something like that, so I should not panic! We will discuss things with Dr. S. and see what she suggests we do. She has been right so far and I trust her judgement 100%, so if she says that 3 is the "magic number" 3 it will be!!

I am off to get some Gatorade as I am bloated and constipated! I don't think it's OHSS as it feels more like constipation but ER was tough this time around and the effects of that plus all the suppositories I took on the actual ER day and now the progesterone might be having an impact on my body.. So better be safe than sorry!! I want to be super ready for Thursday!!!


  1. YAY for 8! Woo hoooooooo!!! Good luck Thursday. I'll be thinking lots of sticky embryo vibes for you on that day!

  2. Congratulations! 8 is a great number!

  3. Woo hoo!
    Awesome numbers!

  4. Congratulations and best of luck to you!

  5. Congrats on all of your embryos! G2 (low cal gatorade) and Senekot (for constipation) have been my saviors...and both were approved by my RE. Good luck and best wishes on Thursday!

  6. Thank you ladies for all your messages of support, they mean so much!!! I am still drinking Gatorade and I have to admit that this morning I am feeling much better!!! I wil keep drinking it for the rest of the day until I feel 100%!