January 14, 2010

we are ready to trigger!!!!!!

When you wish for something and it does come true, it feels like a small miracle.. and today I got my miracle! I went to the u/s all worried about the results of the Estrogen test and worried that the follicles would not be ready.. well I was wrong!! The Estrogen is Excellent, not good or great but Excellent! It was a high number something like 3700 and my doctor was really happy with it. My endometrium looks nice and thick and exactly how she wants it to be. The follicles on my right ovary look ready and measure 18 -16. The "lazy" left side follicles still look small but we have one good follicle measuring at 18, the rest are still too small. But we don't mind. We know we have enough to work with and I am confident in my doctor's abilities in extracting them so that they are all intact.

We trigger tomorrow morning at 5 am. We will have to wake up at 4.30 so that I get enough time to ice and so that D can get the Pregnyl ready for the 5 am injection time. Icing my leg at 5 4.45 in the morning is going to be a B*&^ but it's all for a good cause!! We will then be ready for the ER on Saturday the 16th at 4pm. I am over the moon that it's an afternoon event rather than first thing in the morning and so i D. Like this we can relax and get ready for it in our time without having to rush.

I remember last ER was quick and painless, I hope and pray for a similar result. Considering I have less eggs it will probably be quicker. D will be in with me again. Bless him last time the whole experience was traumatic for him as I was complaining about the pain towards the end, even though I don't remember this of course. So this time I told him that even if I complain of pain not to worry too much as I won't remember it once I wake up. He said that I kept asking him how many eggs we got. I must have asked him about 50 times!! Right at the beginning I looked at him and asked him: "are you D?" It seemed that I did not recognise him with the whole surgical dress! Another thing I did was ask him to "check on me" after they were done.. again I don't remember this... He said he wished he hadn't of course as things did not look pretty! Poor D!!!

I am going to take an antibiotic from tonight until the night of the retrieval to make sure that all is clear and infection free. I did not take this last time and I think my doctor wants to cover all possibilities this time around. I will also take a pain killer on the day of ER like I did last time. My diary is filled with information. If there is one advice that really helped me in this process more than any others is: Get a diary! I take it with me to all my appointments and it helps so much to remind me of what to do and when. If I didn't have it, there would be no way I would remember when my next appointment is or what injection to take when... it's my life saver!

I rejoice today as all is good in our world . I am thankful to have such a wonderful husband by my side.. I am one lucky lady!!

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