January 11, 2010

Help, I am bloated!!!!

Today we had our second u/s. I took my time to get there and left lots of extra time to look for parking. If there is one thing I hate is rushing especially now. I would rather get there early but at least I know I am not rushing. So I left D sleeping and ventured to this second scan on my own. As many of you girls know, nothing really happens at these scans and as I have to take time away from work to do it, I would rather be just me rather than both of us.

Anyway given the fact I am feeling tight and sore I thought my follicles were going to be matured but no suck luck. I have to say the u/s are getting uncomfortable now and I am not looking forward to the next one..ouch!!!The right is looking better with 4 leading follicles measuring at 10-13 and the lazy left has 3 leading follies measuring between 8-10. The uterine wall looks good for this part of the cycle and the doctor seemed happy with its measure. Given my follies are still small, she wants me to increase the Menopur to 450iu to see if this helps get the follicles where they have to be before ER. We are scheduled in for another u/s on Wednesday and hopefully things look good to trigger.

I was on 450iu of Menopur whole of last cycle and we had to "coast" for one day at the end as my follicles were looking almost ready, so I am used to the extra dose but considering the discomfort I am in now I don't even dare to think what I will be like tomorrow!! I am taking it very easy and I try to stay off my feet most of the time but even getting up and sitting down hurts. I don't remember feeling like this last cycle! I told the doctor and she said to take it easy and drink plenty of water, which I am doing. I hope and pray that Wednesday things look so good that we can trigger for ER.. only time will tell now!!

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  1. Sorry you are uncomfortable. Hoping for a speedy ER for you so you can get somre relief. Good luck!