January 10, 2010

Massages are the way forward...!!!

Ladies get massaged!! This is my new advice to those who want to listen!! After debating in my head if I was going to screw up our entire cycle and ruin our chances of getting pregnant this month I went to my salon and asked for a massage as I was getting my mani and pedi done. I told the girls that I could not use oils and one of the girls said I could ask for a dry massage! So that's what I got! I was so relaxed knowing I was not harming my chances and extra comfortable and unwound by the actual massage!! She applied preassure all over my neck and back .. it was a dream! I feel so much lighter and my head does not hurt at all.. I am thinking of going in again next week.. ER permitting!!
Another thing that is different this cycle is how tired I feel these days. Normally on a week night I can stay up until midnight and wake up with no major issues the next morning at 7.30 am. Now I am ok until around 9 pm! I would be watching a movie with D and then all of a sudden I am off in dreamland! D would be talking to me and then realise I am dozing off. I am not going to make a big deal about it and not even going to try to resist it, if my body needs rest in this mammoth task I am going to give it all the rest and relaxation it needs.
I am also happy to report that the injections are going great! Icing and taking it slow really seems to be doing the trick!! My muscles hurt the next day but that is because the menopur is done IM, they hurt last time too!! I am looking forward to my check up tomorrow and to hear how our little follicles are doing!! It's bizarre to get attached to follicles and yet I am falling into the trap.. yet again!!

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  1. Girlfriend, It sounds liek you've found the secret! I say you should absolutely go again next week. Glad the injections are going well...