January 24, 2010

3DP5DT paranoia has set in...

Ok, so here we are 3dp5dt and I am so happy I took 2 extra days off work.. best two days off I have ever taken... Not having to stress about work right now really helps. Yesterday afternoon I had dizzy spell, I was standing up next to D in the kitchen while he was cooking and all of a sudden I felt like I needed to sit down or I was going to pass out. Then during the afternoon out of the blue I felt like AF was coming and got cramps here and there. Nothing major but then again when I get AF I don't get bad cramps until the second day. It was weird. I really hope it's a good sign and not a sign that I have been on "sofarest" for too long!!
This morning I POAS again today but it was still a BFN. Paranoia has set in though. I have fished out the pregnancy test at least 4 times just to see if that little second line was coming up.. so far nothing. I am tempted to test again tonight but then I know that if I start doing that I will want to do that every day and then I will run out of tests. I know it's still early days and that most people don't get a BFP this early but this time I really wanted to be one of those super lucky women who get a BFP as soon after transfer as possible!! Let's hope tomorrow is the day, in the meantime I am sitting here eating pineapple and watching happy movies hoping the happiness I feel watching these movies will impact my chances... oh lord I have really gone and lost my mind!!

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