January 4, 2010

Starting IVF cycle number 2 - the lucky cycle!!

OK so this morning I went to the clinic. I wanted to be brave and go by myself as we have been through this before there is not for both of us to miss work together. So of course I make it there on time but I cannot find parking. I scream in my car for 20 minutes and then end up dumping my car in the middle of the road.. hoping it's still there by the time I get back.

I make it to the appointment and I am ready. As usual my RE goes through my history and overviews the previous cycle. To her the failure of my last cycle is still a mystery and she is more determined than ever to get this one to be the one that works. I love the attitude and it does rub off on me!!

I then have my usual u/s, the joys of having internal u/s during my period are endless. Not surprisingly there isn't much activity in my ovaries. She prints out the pics of my ovaries and my uterus and I get dressed. She then takes out my schedule plan, finally I will know what drugs I will be on and how much!!! I am hoping that given my good results this month, the dosage will be less than in cycle one. I am also secretly hoping for one of those gonal f pens... they look so easy and simple!!! Well I am lucky but not 100% lucky.. I did get a lower dosage instead of the 600 iu of menopur I will be starting on 400 iu of menopur and then the usual microdose luprong everyday but I didn't get the gonal f pen...!

Next check up will be on Sat afternoon and I cannot wait to see how things go!!! In the meantime, I am going to take it easy and avoid stress, I will do my visualisation twice a day or at least once a night and take things easy generally. I will try to eat more protein and drink only decaf coffee. I will concentrate on the positive and avoid negative influences.. I will pray to God and the universe to grant us this miracle...The rest is not in my hands.....


  1. Here from LFCA--just wanted to wish you all the best on your upcoming cycle!

  2. Here from LFCA too. Best of luck this cycle. I'm a repeat IVFer too, so I wanted to come so your blog some love. I hope that this cycle will be IT for you. Going to add you to my reader so I can follow your cycle. Best of luck!

  3. Really hoping this cycle produces the right results I will be following....

  4. oh girls you have made my week!! It makes such a difference to know others who are going through this or who went through it!! Thank you all for your support!!!

  5. Thank you for sharing your story, it gave me hope. Getting ready for cycle two and hoping it will hava a happy ending. Thanks again!!!