January 16, 2010

we are so blessed....

We just got back from the er and I am still drugged up! They need to give me a higher dose than last time as I was in agony. Anyway it tool me a good two hours to get back on my feet and get dressed. The embryologist was late so we did not get to see the conception moment but they will save us a video of it! Anyway here are the numbers you have been waiting for.. We got 10 eggs!! I am over the moon with this result!! We though of getting a lot less but 10 is amazing!! We are now waiting to hear the fer report tomorrow!!! Let's hope it comes as good as good we expect it!!! Now I am off bed as I am still 'off my head'!!! Thanks for your support and reading my progress it means the world!!

1 comment:

  1. Congrats on TEN! That is awesome. Thinking lots of fertilizing thoughts for you!