January 16, 2010

ready or not ER day is upon us!!

So the day is finally here!! We are just wasting time at home until we have to go in at 3.30! I am a bundle of nerves as usual.. My stomach is playing up and I just cannot wait to get this party started already! Last time I was so drugged up I did not feel a thing,so I hope for a repeat of that feeling! I am so anxiuos to knoe how many embryos we got this time and how many fertilise tomorrow! I sit here waiting and praying for a good outcome! I will try update you on how things went and how many eggs we got after but will probably be so drugged up I'll have to leave it till tomorrow! Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck, good luck, good luck!
    Saying a special prayer for you this morning!

  2. Good luck. Thinking BIG numbers for you, and lots of fertilizing thoughts!