January 5, 2010

my hero....

Ok, in my mind yesterday was a good day. We got the all clear to start our second cycle. At around 4 pm yesterday D sends me an IM telling me is freaking out about the injections. Last cycle he did all of my injections including the trigger and even though at the beginning mixing the menopur and injecting it as an IM injection was a trying experience for us both, by the third day we worked out a routine and he was a pro! It only started to hurt towards the end as the muscles in my legs were so tired from all the injections. So to hear he was preoccupied with the injections was a surprised to me. I reassured him and told him that he has the gentlest of touches and that he was a pro last time and will be a pro this time!! I trust him 100 %! I offered to do the micro dose injection myself so that he could concentrate on the menopur instead. He said that the injection part makes him feel like he is part of the process, that he is involved in the IVF cycle. His fears come from the thought that he might be hurting me.

I feel for him so much. I can emphasise with him. If it was the other way around and I had to be the one giving him the injections, I would probably feel the same. I would fear administering the injections and fear causing him added pain. I hope to be doing the best I can to show him that he is not causing me harm, but he is making my life so much easier....I would hate to have to give myself the injections. I cannot even look when he does it!! If it wasn't for him I would have to go to the clinic everyday or find a nurse to do them and I know that his injections hurt less than the nurse's because he does them with all the love and affection of this world!!

After the first injection was over he looked more relived. I reassured him that it did not hurt one bit and that he still has his magic touch!! He started to look a normal pink colour which was reassuring to me!!LOL Tonight we start Menopur which has to be administered as an IM injection. Oh the many joys of IVF!! I am sure it'll be OK and even better tomorrow and the day after... I never stop thanking my lucky star for D..I am one lucky lady!!

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