January 28, 2010

7dp5dt.... PREGNANT!!!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen I am officially and idiot.. (ref. yesterday's post) but I am also PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After having the breakdown of a lifetime, crying fits and sobbing like the end of the world was coming and we could not be saved... D thought I was possessed and at one stage he was laughing and I was laughing too and crying at the same time. I wanted it so bad to be true and all the faint lines made it look like it wasn't.

Well this morning I followed D's advised and I POAS again on both the cheap Internet one and the FRER and there they were two beautiful lines that appeared straight away!!! I woke up D, switched on the light and blinded him and told him: "look at this.. we are pregnant!!!!! He was ecstatic!!! He said he knew as he has never seen me go so crazy as last night and because of all the faint lines we have been getting. He is happy that I believe it too now!!! Anyway, I went to the clinic on my own as I thought they would not do the beta now as it's too early. They were so surprised I got a BFP this early (if they only knew I tested all the way...!!) so they did a blood test there and then and even before the 5 minute bang the two lines appeared and the nurse showed me straight away!! I am PREGNANT!!!

I then got my progesterone and the doctor arrived and told me off for testing too early. She said she wants to have hope but real hope and that it could still be the pregnyl. I confessed (Confessions of a PAOS addict!!!) I have been testing from day 3 (I know I know...!!) and that the lines are getting darker!! She said that it's a good sign but not to get too carried away until we get the first beta numbers. They sent the blood off and we wait and see when we get the call (I am checking the phone every minute or so)!!! If all is ok I will be going in for another beta on Sat at the same time!! If it's really early to get a BFP now and I got one at 4dpt.. maybe both Jammy and Lucky (D named them) took!!! I will update you after my beta results!!! KMFC!!!!!!

I have NEVER been this happy since my wedding day.. it's the BEST feeling in the WORLD!!!!It takes most people 6 months and for some it never happens, we are blessed. It took us 2 years, countless exams and procedures, 2 IVF cycles later and we finally got our very own BFP!!!! I was screaming I am PREGNANT and dancing from the moment we got out of bed (neither of us could go back to sleep after that kind of news this morning!!) I was screaming it in my car all the way to work today so that once I got here I can contain myself.. so far so good!! I am glad I have made so many GREAT friends from my boards and can share the news with them!!! Thank you ladies for ALL your support!! I am walking around with a BIG FAT GRIN on my face because haven't you heard... I am PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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