January 22, 2010


I am suffering because of swollen and painful gland on the left side of my neck. No idea why it hurts but I know it started the day before ET, I was eating lunch at work and all of a sudden I felt the pain coming on. From then on it's just gotten worse. Last night I woke up in tears because of it. I ended up caving in and taking a panadol for the pain and ended up falling back to sleep .. get this.. sucking my thumb! Now, I haven't done this since I was 2 years old or something like that! It helped though.. I was telling D this morning after I woke him up at 9 am on our weekend.. he was not impressed! I hope it goes away on its own the thought of having to take anything to make it go away scares me and I simply don't want to do anything that will harm the possibility of the babies implanting! It feels better today so hopefully the worst is gone and by tomorrow I will be brand new again.

I am taking it very easy again today. I woke up and listened to my meditation which is now all about visualising the babies implanting in my endometrium!! At least this time I can really picture them as these little beam of light... it's easier to do. I am still pigging out on pineapple must have eaten half of it in the last day.
D is going all healthy pregnancy conscious on me, it's so cute. So this morning he left me home alone whilst he has gone to do some food shopping. He wrote all sort of recipes last night. He kept on asking me if I was allowed this and if I was allowed that. It was so cute! I am truly and utterly BLESSED!!! I am not sure if I wrote this yesterday, as we were at the clinic early yesterday we noticed that there was an operation going on and guess what the husband was outside the room. The nurse told me the woman was getting and ER. The husband was in the same waiting area as us together with another couple I have seen before. The husband was on his blackberry a lot. I was thinking, come on man, your wife is in there getting her eggs out so that you can have a baby and you are out here playing with your blackberry. When the nurse came to get him he was almost annoyed he had to go in. Even DH was saying what an ass he was. Now D has always told me that the ER is not a fun thing to see and experience but even after last time, he still came in this time around. He tells me he wants to make sure I am ok, he could not stand the idea of being outside whilst I am going through something like this. We are lucky our clinic allows for our husbands to be in the room for every procedure, and this ass did not go in! It just confirmed even more to me, how lucky I really am to have such a wonderful and amazing husband and best friend!!
In other news, the POAS marathon carries on and this morning with FMU it came back with one line only so the trigger must be out of my system. Yesterday's stick was also fading and today's one line test must only mean one thing. WOOHOO! I did take the trigger a week ago today so that must be it, it's out and any BFP I get from now on must be a REAL one! I know it's early days but I am determined to keep testing and keep checking until I see that one BFP.. cannot wait for that day!


  1. I got my BFP on 3dp5dt in the evening. Hope your line shows up nice and early for you too! Good luck! Feel better. Sorry to hear about the swollen gland.

  2. Eileen I was wondering about that..wow 3 dp5dt is early to get a BFP!!I will keep testing and keep hoping I will soon see my first ever BFP!!!! Cannot wait for your u/s!!