January 17, 2010

9 out of 10 were injected with ICSI.. fert report.. tomorrow morning!!!

Ok, this morning I feel much better. I managed to get up in time for work and managed to make it to work on time. Yesterday feels like one long hazy day. I mean the time between my ER and 8 pm last night just flew by for me. I remember waking up after the ER and feeling so much pain. I was tossing and turning and tossing and turning but nothing could stop the aching. I then remember talking to D briefly. I started coming around more and more and by the time they got me to move to the waiting room I was in a better state. I was all covered up in my blanket as I was cold. I open a little parenthesis here, ladies if you are reading this and still waiting to go in for your ER these are the essentials you NEED to bring with you:

  1. wear comfy clothes and shoes that are easy to slip on and off;

  2. bring a blanket with you and after the ER let your husband cover you with it - it's just so comforting;

  3. bring a panty liner with you to wear after ER - you are likely to have a little bit od spotting so a panty liner should cover that;

  4. make sure you DH is with you (or if he is not allowed to be in with you during the ER have him wait for you after)

  5. make sure you take the day off work - there is no way you can work on that day and your doc will happily write you a sick note;

  6. make sure you rest after the ER and that you take it easy - putting a heating pad on your belly helps relieve pain;

  7. drink plenty of liquids as you are probably disidrahitated

I have done this twice and this time I was prepared!!! Well, I was prepared in terms of things to bring but of course I was not prepared to be in that much pain. According to D, I was in pain on the right because my cervix was in the way and I was in pain on the left as my follicles were positioned very high up in my ovaries. Anyway at one stage, and I vaguely remember this, I said I was waking up and so they gave the full amount of the anethetic and I was out cold. Whether last time I was asking D questions, this time he said my eyes were rolling back and I my lips turned really white! I was out cold. At least I stopped feeling pain. I started coming around but much slower than last time. Then once I was more conscious I got dresssed but then I layed down again and fell in and out of sleep. I was like this until around 8 oclock .

In the end we were waiting to see the creation of the embryos like we did last time. The embryologis has a video and the film is transmitted into the recoverying room. This time he was late and as we had not eaten yet and I was still in zombie land, we decided to go home. We hate and then I got on my online to write on here. I have to say that I don't remember much of that either!! Scary!!

This morning I woke up and I felt better. My belly is still sore at times but I do feel much better, especially as I am sober! LOL!! I knew I had to wait for the call of the doctors but I could not so I made it to 9.40 and then I called them. I spoke to the embryologist's right hand woman and she told me that all looks great and that they worked late that's why they did not call. Anyway, she told me that yes I understood right, they got 10 eggs! Out of those 10 wonderful eggs, 9 were mature for ICSI!! That is pretty amazing considering we were thinking we were going to get a max of 7 eggs! I wanted to get the first fert report but because they worked late last night, she will check on the 9 embryos this evening and then will update me tomorrow morning first thing!! I cannot wait to hear how our babies are doing!! I am thinking of them strong and healthy..!!! She told me that as we did not see the video she took a recording for us and she will burn it on a cd so we can keep it! I am so happy and cannot wait to see it!! Last time it was just magical (perhaps it was the drugs) and I am sure this time will be even more so!!!!

I told her that we are planning on doing a blast transfer on day 5, now we just need to hope that 3 make it to that stage so we can transfer all 3!! I know it's risky as we could end up with triplets but the possibility of that it's rare considering I have never been pregnant before and that all the problems with our fertility are dependent on me. We still need to run this by our doctor, so we need to wait and see what she recommends but we will push for a 3 blast transfer!!

Even after all the pain and stress of yesterday, I am exuberant today. Knowing that on the other side of the city in a clean and organised lab, our 9 embryos are growing strong, waiting to be transferred back on Thursday. Grow embryos grow!!!


  1. WHAT great news!
    So happy for you...

  2. This is fabulous news. Can't wait to hear your next embaby report. Good luck!