January 7, 2010

Day 4 of injections and things are looking up...

After the first two initial days of D being worried of hurting me and me being scared of feeling pain, we have now settled into a nice little routine again and yesterday was a good day. D started getting all the needles ready at about 7.30pm. He cleaned the table, dried it, got all the menopur bottles lines up and ready and cleaned their tops. He then started mixing the medication. He is a MASTER at this now. He is so quick at it and never wastes any of the precious medicine! Then at 7.40 he announced he was ready. So I started icing my right leg. I iced for 10 minutes until my skin started to go blue.. I know I am a wimp! Then I told him I was ready! So we positioned ourselves and I distracted myself looking at the tv. Held my breath as the needle went in and breathed out as the liquid was inserted in and then injection number one was done. Then I iced my other part of my leg and was ready for injection number 2. Same procedure and wham.. we were done!! No pain and no harm! We were both so relieved that things are falling into place and that we are getting back into the injection routine!

Two more days worth of shots before we are going back to the doctors to see how our follicles are doing. I pray they are growing and maturing as they should be...only two more days till we find out. In the meantime we hope and we pray that this is the case....


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  2. Wow. Great post. I felt like I was there. It's so great to hear you made it through flawlessly. So glad we're cycling together. I'm keeping up with your story!