January 19, 2010

We are set for a 5 day transfer!!!!!

The clinic called and we are set for a 5 day transfer!!! Apparently 6 out of the 8 embryos are of excellent quality so far and great candidates for a 5 day transfer!!! WOOOHOOO!!! I was jumping and screaming of joy down the phone in my office!!! I am ecstatic!! The nurse said that the embryologist would recommend we transfer 3. Now, we have not even said we were thinking of 3 and here he comes and tells us it's better to transfer 3 so that must be faith right?! We are still going to ask and follow our RE's advice and follow what she says. She is conservative in her decisions and so far she has never made a decision for us that we later regretted, she has been spot on all the way!! We trust her 100% so if on Thursday she says let's transfer 3 we will, if she says let's transfer 2 we will do that... We will do the transfer on Thursday the 21st of June at 1pm!! It sounds like a GREAT time to be making babies!!!

I say this and of course have been obsessing all day Gooogling "3 blasts transfers", "risks of a 3 blasts transfers" "how many embryos to transfer on day 5?" you get the picture! Am I any wiser? Nope. Am I more freaked out? Yup. Morale of the story.. keep away from Google and trust what knowledgeable and experienced doctors and trust their decision! I feel better.

I also did something else tonight. I POAS. I know you must be thinking the woman is nuts! The embryos are not even in yet and she is testing?! This woman needs help!!! Ok, the reason I am doing it is because this time around I am going on a POAS marathon. I am planning on testing every day from the day of the transfer. I want to monitor when the trigger is out of my system and when I can start getting real BFPs. So today I POAS and guess what.. I got my very first BFP!! Of course it's fake but it's so amazing to see those two lines there. I never got a BFP before so to see those two lines there gave me the biggest smiles. I walked into DH who was playing on the Wii and I announce :" Sweetie pie, guess what? I am pregnant!" He was laughing so bad and of course said that this just goes to show what a crazo I really am..
The Gatorade picture is because Gatorade rocks!!I am no longer bloated!!! Love the stuff! I am still drinking it just to be sure!!!

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  1. LOL. Glad I am not the only one who pees on sticks to watch the trigger leave my system. My husband caught me red handed the morning of transfer and said "Honey. You need help." YAY for a 5 day transfer. SO excited for you! We put three back as well. The wait to ultrasound is killing me.