January 24, 2010


Like I have said I have turned into a paranoid freak as of today! I keep thinking if the embryos are implanting as they should be or .. The worst.. I keep thinking if this will be the month we our first positive test.. or.. I gave in and tested again and of course it's still BFN.. I started cramping again now and wonder this is now!! Whether the embryos are snuggling in nice and well..or.. I wish I could fall asleep and wake up when the BFP is ready to be here!! I wish I could forward the clock.. Or at least hurry it up until then!! What I know I destined for is a long wait .. Of I don't even know how many days!! That reminds me the clinic did not call me with my date!!I told you.. Losing my mind!!

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  1. Oh, how I wish I could say something to calm you down. But the real truth is you have every right to be on a emotional rollercoaster. I am really happy for you that you took those days off of work and were able to get some sofarest. A little LMN perhaps? Ha! I'm keeping up with you and you're definitely in my prayers.