August 2, 2010

Third Trimester...

If you are still going through treatments or you are still on the road to where you want to be, you might want to skip this post, I know it's not easy to read about pregnant women complaining about something they have wanted for so long.

I feel bad saying this because IF girls "should not be complaining" about pregnancy, right? Well I will go ahead and say it anyway: the third trimester is so hard! I read blogs where women have endured all sort of problems with their pregnancies from the start so I feel double bad in admitting to this but I need to let it out and I feel this is the right forum for it. It's not all bad of course but the combination of fear that something might still be wrong with her heart, severe heartburn, sleepless nights, Braxton Hicks (if that's what they are), bad back, dizzy spells and the fear that nothing will be ready for when Izzy is born is making me feel so on the edge these days.

Of course not everyday is the same and most days I only get a couple of those issues so it's manageable but yesterday it was as if all was coming at once and I felt so overwhelmed by it. Whatever I ate yesterday I could not digest so that was a negative, then I felt so sleepy and the fact that work is so slow does not help, all I wanted to do was put my head on my desk and snooze off! I then went food shopping and on the way out of the supermarket I started having Braxton Hicks that would only last a second or 5 but these were repetitive so I freaked out. They went away once I sat in the car. Now what are Braxton Hicks supposed to feel like anyway?? I mean I am assuming what I am experiencing are Braxton Hicks as I have never had anything like it before but are they really it? To me they feel like something is pulling me up there at the top of my vagina (base of my uterus), it's not painful but it takes my breath away as I don't expect it and then after it's repeated a few times it goes. I intend to ask my doctor when I go see them on the 9th and see what they think. The heartburn is so bad when it's there that on a couple of occasions when it happened I think I am going to puke. I try to eat little and often but if some days it helps during others it does little. I am not about to take anything for it unless I actually start throughing up, I worked so hard to have a medicine free pregnancy that I am not about to let this all go out of the window over heartburn! The dizzy spells are something new. I have never had dizzy spells before but when they come I feel like any moment I could pass out. They normally happen at the end of the working day when I am tired and I push myself to do that little but extra so I have learnt my lesson and from now on instead of doing 200 things after work I will do 20 instead... we shall see if it helps.

I am going to stop complaining now and focus on the good. The good of course is that Izzy is a super active baby who reminds me everyday of what an amazing miracle she really is! Whether last week her movements were really subtle and delicate this week they are strong and constant. I get kicked in all sort of places which gives me an indication that Izzy is still very much just moving around and has not picked her favourite position yet. I am sure our clever little girl will put herself where she is supposed to be when the time comes. I am curious to where she will be during the ultrasound because if one minute I feel her head down the next she is diagonal and the next transverse... 7 more days to go! I am also confident that once we do the ultrasound and we see that all is ok with her heart I will be calming down and hopefully some of my fears will subside. At the moment I cannot share this fears with D because he dismiss them as being irrational but I cannot help it and to my defence I have tried my best not to focus too much of my attention on it but the part of my brain that is "mummy brain" cannot help but wonder if everything is now as it should be. Only time will tell.


  1. Congratulations on 30 weeks!! Although I am a bit behind you, I am feeling the same way! For me not sleeping well, Braxton Hicks, back pain and issues from being on iron supplements! You definitely are not alone!!

    I think you described well what BH are -- I talked to my dr this past week about them and he said they are normal - but he said to call if I am concerned or worried about them. I too have tried to be OTC med free but have had to take tylenol for the back pain -- my dr also confirmed that this was perfectly safe. And I am looking into finding a massage therapist who is trained in pregnancy related massages as I have heard this can help. For heartburn, I have heard that sleeping with a few pillows behind your head helps.

    I am sorry that you are feeling all these things. October will be here before we know it!

  2. I know Leslie we are less than 2 weeks apart!! It's so reassuring to read your blog and see similarities with what I am going through. It seems like the third trimester is a bit more complex for many not just for me!
    Hope the Tylenol helps with your back pain and that the extra pillows make the heartburn less bothersome! Every little helps right!??

  3. Sounds like you are having BH. I've been having them for a few weeks and it feels like my whole abdomen gets REALLY tight then lets go after a few seconds/minutes. They don't hurt though...but they are really scary. They aren't anything to worry about unless they get more frequent or increase in intensity according to my doctor. It's just your body getting ready for labor.

    Don't feel bad about complaining. I completely agree...the 3rd trimester is REALLY hard on the body and there is nothing wrong with blogging about your experience!

  4. I hope you feel better soon!

  5. I told people all the time that pregnancy was the hardest physical and mental thing I have done to my body and still feel that way but we crazy ladies do it cause the ending result is the coolest thing in the world.

  6. I felt this way too, but although it is a great and amazing blessing we have all wanted for so long, it doesn't mean all of it will be rainbows and puppies. You are greatful for this and doing a great job!