August 4, 2010

First unplanned hospital visit

Yesterday as I was leaving work to go check out prams I felt this super sharp shooting pain down below. It literally stopped me in my tracks and took my breath away. It lasted maybe 5 seconds and then even if I felt sore I managed to slowly walking to my car and drive myself home. Once I got there I lay on the couch of a good half hour before it the same pain came back but much milder. I called D and he told me to call the hospital and ask them what I should do. So I called them and they told me to come to the hospital for a check up. Of course we live outside the city and around 30 minutes away from the hospital by car. As D's office is in the city there was no way to wait for him and then go so I drove myself there (of course I was told off many times by the nurse once I got there but what could I have done!?). Through all of this I kept really calm. I always imagined myself having one of these moments and being alone and losing it. Instead I was doing my breathing exercises and talking myself calm, I was so calm that I told D to go ahead and go to the gym and that I would see him after! Of course he didn't listened and met me at the hospital instead, he said something amongst the lines that one of us had to act like the responsible one! HEHE! I really was on another planet.. planet calm!

Anyway, on the way there the pain cam back again. I made sure to look at the time and at this stage I had had 3 "pains" in less than one hour. Luckily there was no traffic on the way there and I got there at the same time as D. Once all the formalities were sorted out I had to give the usual urine sample and then they took my blood preassure which was fine and pulse too. All was good. I then got to see a doctor who explained that in order to rule out full blown contractions she would do an abdominal exam, followed by a scan, a mid-stream urine test and then I would be hooked up to a CTG to check the baby's heart and if I was having contractions. Only if there was any signs of contractions they would do an internal exam to see how things were looking. During the pelvic exam all looked good and she thought that Izzy was head down but was not sure, then we heard her heart and all looked good and she did not seems in any sort of stress.

Once all looked ok with me and the baby we were sent for the u/s. The technician was in a good mood and spent ages on her. She looked at her heart as I mentioned we had a scare and all looked great and she was not skipping beats this time. She is measuring a whole 2 weeks and 4 days ahead of schedule which brings her due date to the 30th of September! When the technician said she is 32 weeks and 6 days I said that she is 30 weeks and 2 days but according to the measurements she is not! She seems really eager to grown fast!! She was not head down but in the transverse position with her legs over her head and to our surprise she was sucking her own knee whilst holding on to her toes! Most babies suck their thumb, not our daugther she was sucking onto her own knee! It was so cute to see her making those movements and seeing her opening and closing her mouth. Incredible. Once all the important measurements were taken and all looked great the technician spent ages trying to get us some nice 3D pics of her but given the fact that she was squishing her face with her own legs it was difficult. We got a few very cool ones and we left to go for the CTG knowing that she is healthy, strong and all is well with her heart. I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

I sent D to get his dinner as there was no point two of us waiting for the CTG. I did my mid-stream urine test which proved difficult and I fear I messed up because I didn't pee enough before taking the sample.. we shall see! As I was waiting to be hooked up to the CTG machine I was in the same waiting room as two ladies who were either in labour or in a lot of pain. Another lady and I were looking at each other with knowing looks as if to say "we are so going to be next!!" After about half hour I was escorted to this area for my CTG and after 20 minutes on it with Izzy's heart going strong and no contractions on my side I saw the doctor for the last time. She said that it could have been contractions and that if they happen again with a repetitive rhythm I need to go back but if they happen here and without a pattern I can stay at home. I am due back to the doctors on Monday for my normal check up so I will ask more questions and discuss my new due date and see what they make of these contractions/BH.

Considering it was the first scare of this pregnancy I realised that as much I will be ok, one person I need to look after and make sure does not pass out is D. He is normally so calm and collected but last night he really was not. It was as if we had done a role reversal and I became Mrs Cool and he became Mr Worry. I tried my best to reassure him that all was ok and by the end I know he knew all was ok with us but I have a feeling that when THE day comes I will need to make sure he is constantly reassured that all is ok. I can imagine why is feeling like that, at the end of the day this is all happening to me and all he can do is be there for me but not help me feel better and I know this can be so difficult. I keep telling him how much him being there helps calm me down and reassure me.. I hope this is enough.


  1. As a side note... I got a mail from the pram company and our red pram is finally in New Zealand! They will ship it tomorrow and give us a tracking number so we can check where it is.. 8-10 business days and she will be here!! Oh I cannot believe it!!

  2. Oh my!! you have been really calm throughout it!! Delighted all is well and sure it's not long now!!

  3. I'm so impressed that you were so calm during this whole ordeal. Very scary, Laura, but I'm so glad that everything is ok. It seems like everyone has to go through at least one scare - this was yours, everything's smooth sailing from here, ok???

  4. Laura,
    I got scared seeing the title of the post.
    May god bless Izzy..
    I would like to say that instead of driving you could have taken a taxi may be..Please take good care of yourself.

  5. I am glad everything turned out to be ok. I pray that there are no more scares. Good job on remaining calm, I am sure it was not easy!

    I love how your thoughfulness for D comes through in your blog posts.

    That is exciting that you will still be getting the pram you wanted! Thank goodness!

  6. Your daughter is hilarious already. Watch out mama, more laughs to come. Glad everything was okay.

  7. Glad every thing is ok!! I had a scare as well in my clutzy self fell down the stairs...not good. I was 28 weeks when that happened but everything was ok.

  8. Yay for the healthy heartbeat and the pram arriving in a week. That's great news! Excited to hear what the doctor says Monday.