August 5, 2010

Nosebleeds suck and happy birthday to my mom!

We all know nosebleeds suck. I mean there is never a good time to get them and they are always so messy! I suffered from nosebleeds before getting pregnant then at the orders of my doctors I went to an NTE specialist who cauterised the capillaries in my nose and all was solved. Since getting pregnant the nosebleeds started again. The triggers always seem to be blowing my nose or sneezing. Today I had a meeting in the city at 9 and by the time it ended it was 11 am and it was hot hot hot in my car. We live in the desert so summers are just unbearable and most people (the ones who can) leave and go to cooler countries and today was no exception. Anyway I got into Ruby (that's my car!) and blasted the ac and opened all the windows too. I pulled away and drove a total of 3 minutes before I started feeling a trickle down my left nostril, I put my hand to my nose, looked and surely enough there was blood and then more and more. Of course I had no tissues in my car so, and this is where it gets gross, I wiped my bloody hand on my black top and then held my nostrils together to try stop the bleeding. Good thing I had not driven too far from the office I just left, so I turned around, parked the car and went back in the office. Everyone looked at me as if I was dying on something but thank God no one made a fuss. I locked myself in the bathroom and almost didn't recognised myself, my mouth, chin and neck were all covered in blood. What a spectacle!!! I asked for ice and after 15 minutes of preassure and ice it stopped and I was able to get back in my car and drive away. Of course this means I am now sitting at work with a top that as much as it does not show it is covered in blood.. yuck yuck yuck!!!

On a happier note today is my mom's birthday!!! I so wish I could be with her to celebrate it and make her feel as special as she is but super fast travel has not been invented yet so I have to settle and wish her a happy birthday over the phone. I miss my mom and cannot wait till she comes in September!!! She took my dad shopping for Izzy and they got her some super cute little outfits that are just so adorable! She knows me well (I took after her on this!!) so she is washing and ironing all of the clothes she bought so that once she comes I won't have to do it myself! She gave me a proper talking to last night because she is worried my contractions are caused by me overdoing things instead of taking it easy. She made me promise her I would calm down and take life at a different pace. She understands it's hard but she told me to think of Izzy and in that she is right. We are very similar in that we both cannot stay still we need to be moving and keep busy but we also are not very good at realising when it's too much. I normally send her flowers but she insisted I didn't as the florist I use has been sending her shitty flowers so she told me not to waste my money on that. So this year I sent her a lovely card that opens up like flowers and as combined Mom and Dad's birthday present we got them the tickets to come stay with us! :)) Now all we need is for Miss Isabella to hold on until the end of September... we shall see how that goes!


  1. Aw my parents live far away too and it's so hard to not have them right here during everything. It sounds like she's mothering you over the phone though! :)

  2. That sucks about the nosebleed!!! Hope this doesn't continue for too much longer.

    Love your tribute to your mom. I'm sure it will be very nice to see her in September. No matter how old we get, we always feel like being mothered by mom, don't we???

  3. I am sorry to hear about the nosebleeds. Hope that they are not too hard to control.

    I am sorry that your parents are far away! Mine are a distance too. It is hard not seeing them very often but we always try to have fun when we do!!

    Hope you are feeling better since your time at the hospital. You should definitely take it easy!!

  4. I KNOW you miss your mom but September's not that far away. Everything is happening SO quickly : ) Yay!