August 10, 2010

The pram post

So here she is!!! It all arrived in 3 different boxes, one for the pram, one for the car seat adapter and one for the carrycot which is called "the peanut"! I left work 10 minutes early just to beat some of the traffic in the city and made it to the TNT in no time. The people there got me to take my car inside the depot and then loaded everything in for me. They were so sweet they even told me to wait in the car whilst they got the paperwork I had to sign for Once I drove away I could not stop screaming and called D and he almost lost his hearing!! Then I called my mom and she was so excited for me but told me not to be silly and wait for D to take the boxes into our house. I promised and she relented. Then a friend of mine called me and she was so happy for me and told me if that meant she never had to hear about it again...apparently I have been going on about this pram long enough! I don't blame her!!

I got home at the same time as D and we were all so excited to open all the boxes but we were both starving so we ate at a supersonic speed and then we got working on the pram!!! D did most of the building whilst I looked on and gave out small screams each time something new happened. I tried to help with what I remembered seeing on the YouTube videos and by looking and reading the instructions manual but D did most of the hard work. In no time the pram/stroller was built and D and I both had a god at pushing it around the house!! It's so great as I can really see Izzy using this from when she is born all the way until she get bigger as it's so adaptable! I absolutely love it the colour which does not look too red like in the pictures I saw but it's bright and so much fun. The material is super soft and the insert for when she is still baby is super padded and extra soft. I am truly happy with it.

After the pram was ready and we tested folding it, which is so simple and the breaking and all the different positions we moved on to putting together the "peanut". This proved a bit more tricky then the pram but once D got his muscles working it came out so well. It's basically a carrycot you insert into the pram for when the baby is just born to approximately 6 months. It's super sturdy and solid so Izzy will have the support her back needs at the very early stages. It folds up really compact so once we no longer need it we can simply fold it away ready for baby number two (see how positive I am being!!!). Once it is secured onto the pram it's really safe and there is no way it can come lose so we feel confident Izzy will have a super comfy and safe ride.

Anita, the sales representative from Phil & Teds, added a UV protective cover for the carry cot and also a cute little backpack that I can add to the pram for free as a thank you for having waited so long. It was so kind of her and I have promised her a picture of Izzy in her new pram once she gets here.

This morning all I wanted to do was go to Izzy's room and check out the pram... it still seems impossible to me that we are the owner of a pram. I mean here we were thinking it might never happen and almost 8 months after we saw those two beautiful lines we own a pram and we are waiting for the last two months before Izzy is born. Life is truly incredible.... and we are so truly blessed.

Tonight I have some baking to do for D's birthday brownies. I have never made brownies so this should prove interesting. I am not baking them from scratch that would be way too much but nonetheless I am thinking it could still end up in disaster. Let's hope and see how it works.. pictures to come tomorrow.


  1. :) Good luck with the brownies. I love your pram! It *is* hard to believe, isn't it? But it's real!

  2. Yay - you finally got the pram! So exciting!!!

    Good luck with the brownies, let us know how they turn out!

  3. Pram looks great!!! Enjoy all the preparations and I'm sure your brownies will be delicious!!

  4. Did the heavens open up and angels start singing when you opened up the glorious Pram?!? haha
    What a relief for you that y'all finally got it!
    Good luck wiith the brownies. You will do great!

  5. Can't help but laugh at your post! Its so cute how excited you are over the Pram. :O)

  6. Very cool pram, congrats.