August 23, 2010

33 weeks and 1 day update

I have been meaning to post an update and today seems like the perfect day for it.

Weight gained so far: 16kg which means that my weight gain has finally slowed down. At the rate at which I was going I was going to be huge come October but this is more like it. People that haven't seen me in a while keep telling me how all the weight is just on my belly... I am sure they are being kind.. my boobs are huge and my ass/thighs is the size of Brazil! But bring it on I say, I have a lifetime to lose it and go back to my old self, for now I have more important priorities to consider

Stretch marks: still not on my bump but I have seen them appear on my bum.. so now I started putting my miracle cream on my now very pampered derriere

Biggest change: my bump is getting so big these days and Isabella's movement continues to amaze me. I read that the movement is meant to slow down now but it has not for our little baby girl. She seems happy to move and toss and turn a lot and despite our best efforts to keep reminding her to be head down she flips around a lot. I can tell as our princess gets the hiccups a lot these days, and on an average day she gets it an average of 4 times, mainly after meals. So whether sometimes I feel her down below others I feel above my belly button. We shall see what the doctor tells us next week after our ultrasound (cannot wait for that

Major purchase/change in her nursery: well everything is coming together so well, yesterday we had the maintenance team come and install her sun lampshade. I put it together myself, whilst cussing out loud for choosing such a difficult lampshade but in the end it looks so so cute and it gives out this warm light that just looks right! I'll take some pics and post them on here. We are waiting for the cot bed and toys chest to arrive next week and cannot wait to finally have everything we need in the nursery. We are still planning on getting a cheap nursing chair from Ikea. It's D's idea and I have to agree it makes sense, we just don't want to spend a fortune on it so we shall see which one we get

Sleeping: I have to admit that after the first rough patch at the beginning of the month now I am sleeping so well. I still get up up to three times to use the bathroom but I am sleeping well and feel rested when I wake up. I give all the credit to my trusted body pillow.

Cravings: still none but when I told D that I like to eat sandwiches with hummus, tomatoes and cheese (that I make myself at my desk at work!) he thought that was a strange one. I am also not a fan of meat these days and stick with eating beans instead for the protein.

How is D doing: he cannot wait to see Izzy and get to have some Izzy and daddy time which I totally get as I have had 8 months and counting with mommy and Isabella's time and he needs to catch up. He wonders if she will recognise his voice and I keep reassuring him that of course she will! She will know straight away he is the one who has been showering her with kisses and hugs!! He is super proud of the fact that he was there painting and decorating her room with me and that every decision we have made on it has been a joint decision. Tonight we are going to look for some toys for Izzy as we haven't gotten an really apart from her play gym

What I am looking forward to: next week! We have the doctor's appointment on Monday and u/s, hopefully given the u/s is at 9.40 D can make it too at least just for the u/s part!! Then the baby shop we ordered the cot from said they will deliver it next week so that's going to be super exciting

What I miss: still our sex life.. I am now into that kind of mood where I have scared myself that having sex could harm the baby. I read on What to expect that it's advisable to have protected sex in the last weeks of pregnancy to avoid possible infections as one might be dilated already without knowing it. This didn't help! I will ask my doctor next week what he makes out of this.

Best moments: Isabella's reassuring kicks and movements and D's love and cuddles. There isn't one day that goes by that he doesn't tell me how beautiful I am pregnant and it surely makes me feel all loved up and sexy even now at 33 weeks pregnant!!


  1. I love your picture! I'm going to check your previous posts to see what you looked like when you were 18 weeks and see if I'm huge by comparison! I'm putting on so much weight I'm quite ashamed, but what can i do? Hopefully starting yoga in a few weeks will help.
    Lots of love, Fran

  2. You look beautiful!! I love watching the baby bump grow. And I don't think that hummus and tomato and cheese sandwiches sound strange at all ... in fact, I'm getting hungry just thinking about one ...

  3. I haven't been a fan of meat either but I'm not a huge bean fan either! UGH! What are you eating, beanwise, to help with the protein? I like hummus as well so maybe I'll start trying to use that more often?

  4. You look gorgeous lovely lady!

  5. You are so beautiful - what a gorgeous bump!!!

  6. You look awesome! Thanks for visiting my blog. I loved reading all your updates and I love the pic!


  7. Thanks you lovely ladies for all the compliments!! :)))

    Fran - I looked up my bump picture of 18 weeks and we do look similar in terms of belly size. I was never told I was gaining too much and Izzy seems to be growing just fine too. I think with some women the weight goes on faster at first then it gradually slows down for others they don't gain or lose weight to then add it on at the end. I am sure you are doing fine!

    Justine -thanks.. guess what I am having today!! :)

    Crossed Fingers - beanwise I make a dish with beans, carrots, celery and tomatoes. You can also have a baked potato and add beans on top. Just be creative and see what you fancy eating. I found this article on hummus and other vegetarian combinations rich in proteins: I hope it helps!

  8. I'm so happy and excited for you! It must feel so amazing to be on the other side of this crazy journey. You offer me so much hope. Thank you! ((hugs))