August 3, 2010

Change of plans...

If there is one thing I cannot stand is delays. I am one of those people that show up early all the time, even if I purposely delay myself in order not to show up early I end up being early anyway. I am the first to show up for anything and feel so stressed out when I know I am running late. D is the opposite, he is laid back and relaxed and as much as he says he is on time, he is one of those people who is late unless there is something urgent or he has to be somewhere for a specific deadline then he is be on time! We balance each other out and between my eagerness to be on time and his laid back attitude we manage to be just on time!

Well today my impatience on waiting for my pram reached its peak and I cancelled it! We ordered it on the 4th of May and we are now the 3rd of August, in that time I could have gone to New Zealand and brought it back myself but instead here I am waiting for it. Every time they said they were going to receive it they have not and I have now reached a stage where my due date is fast approaching and I don't want to risk not having a pram when Izzy is born. So this morning something told me that enough was enough, I sent an email to Phil & Teds and told them to give me our money back and that I am not willing to wait another day. They have all been nice and friendly but unless I chase them I would never know when to expect it and even then the dates they give me are always followed by another delay. Even if they tell me they will receive it tomorrow who is to say it will make the trip from New Zealand to here in less than 9 weeks. I really cannot tell and I don't trust them in the promises they will make. All I want is to be done with this now.
After I cancelled it I felt a new sense of relief in knowing that I can just go to any store and buy a pram and take it home with me. I told D and all he said was that he hopes I don't regret changing my mind, I told him that he should know me better than that...once I make up my mind I never change it back and regret having made that decision, I am very black and white when it comes to that. So this evening after work, whilst D is going to the gym, I will go check out some new prams and see which one takes my fancy. Then this weekend we are off to Dubai to see them in a bigger store and take home the one we want! I cannot wait to try different ones and be able to say "let's buy this one" and just take it home!

I also found out that the wardrobe and changing unit we like are available in Dubai so this weekend we can buy them and have them delivered within 10 days! It's pure bliss!! I cannot wait to place the order and receive them at our door step. I have kept all of Izzy's clothes, cot sheets and blankets in my wardrobe but it's going to be so great to have them all ready in her room! Her room will then look like less of a dumping ground and more like a nursery!!

In other news I don't know if I mentioned that last weekend D and I went to the Formula One track here in Abu Dhabi because I got D a driving experience as an early birthday present! He got to drive a La Mans style car on the F1 track and loved it!!! The whole experience was so well done organised and even if Iwas nervous about the idea of D driving such a fast car, knowing he was going to be in the same car as his instructor made me feel more secure. I took loads of pictures and a recorded his driving too. D was buzzing after it and said he will try again!! This weekend I have organised a dinner with friends in his favourite restaurant! Should be a lot of fun!!


  1. Oh my gosh that is way too long to wait for something! I don't blame you for canceling the order, I would have too. Bad service! I hope you find one you like when you go shopping! How exciting to have all the stuff for the nursery soon.

    My husband is a driving instructor as well and loves to drive the fast cars! It's amazing to watch!

  2. You're such a good mom, making sure everything's ready for Izzy!

    What an amazing birthday present for D - you're so awesome for giving it to him!