August 11, 2010

D's birthday

Today it's D's birthday, he is officially 29! HAPPY BIRTHDAY D!!! The day started great for him...Izzy's kicks first thing, presents in bed, then my brownie cake for breakfast (his diet went out the window at least for breakfast!). We left for work together as it's the first day of Ramadan here in the UAE and for the rest of the month we do shorter hours, I now work 9-3 (yaaay!!) and D's hours are 9-4. Before leaving I warned him to be super careful on the road as we always see so many accidents during Ramadan and he said he will be careful but you cannot control idiots.

At 9.30am he called that he had a car crash but that he was ok. It seemed he was avoiding an accident and stupid people driving on the hard shoulder, he got distracted and crashed into the back of the car in front of him. He sent me pictures of Barracuda (that's the name of his car) and she looks in a bad state but I am glad she is so strong to have taken the impact of the crash and not my D. Considering the insurance does not cover agency repairs as the car is over 3 years old we might need to sell her in order to cut our losses. We shall see what we do in the coming days, for now I think D will need to recover from the shock of it all and at least try to enjoy the rest of his day if that is possible.

In the meantime I got a call from the baby shop we bought the wardrobe and changing unit from and they are coming to deliver and build Izzy's furniture between 1-2 this afternoon! I was in shock that they are coming so quickly I was not expecting this until next week so this is really a bonus and hopefully by the time D gets home Izzy's room will look like a nursery and it will help put a smile back on D's face!

Last night after work I went and treated myself to a mani pedi. I hadn't had one since getting pregnant because of the fear of doing something that could harm our baby but now that I cannot reach my toes as well as I used to two weeks back I decided to bite the bullet and go. I went to my usual spa and had the room all to myself so there were no strong smells. I decided to get a french on my fingers but just get a clean manicure for my toes like this I can remove the nail polish easier. My toes look so nice and clean, they were a real mess! The girl was so knowledgeable about which area to massage and which not to so that put me right at ease. I was in there for a long time but it was so worth it. I am thinking I will be going back next month when my mom gets here for another session.. it should be fun and my mom never gets pampered like this so that will be nice for her!!


  1. Happy Birthday, D! But he got in a crash??? That's terrible! I'm so happy he was ok - that's the only thing that matters! That sucks about the insurance though.

    Mmmmm mani/pedi - sounds fabulous! You should definitely take your mom!!!

    Nice work on the brownie cake!

  2. I'm glad to hear D is OK - sorry about the car though!

    I would love a mani/pedi right have me thinkinG!

  3. OH no, Thank goodness he is ok. Poor baracuda though!
    MMM brownie cake!

  4. Such a great cake.