August 17, 2010

what kind of parent will I be??

Part of my meditation exercise these days is thinking of a parent I admire, the reasons why I admire him/her and then picture Isabella and I having a similar relationship. You know what cames to my mind.. be prepared to laugh.. the Father of the Bride. I basically want to be George Banks!

I know he does not exist but he has been my ideal parent figure since I was a little girl and whenever I think of a good parent he comes to my mind. The relationship he has with his daughter is that of a protective, loving, understanding father who goes overboard at times but who is nonetheless there for his daugther no matter what and that's how I want to be with Izzy. He is also not the typical super perfect dad you see on tv, he has his faults but in the end he comes through for his daugther and his family. I love this movie because it shows that we are all humans and never perfect but we can try our best to become better parents/wives/daugthers etc. What I hope for my relationship with Izzy is for her to feel free to come to me for advice and for me to be able to listen and provide her with the support she needs. I don't want her to hide things from me because she is afraid of what I will be thinking or what my reaction might be... ultimately I would love for us to have a good relationship just like the one George has with Annie.

Will I be as good listener? Will I be able to always be there for Izzy and offer her a shoulder for her to cry? Will I be the first one she calls when she needs advice? Will we argue but then hug and make up knowing that deep down we love one another? Will she be able to be herself with me? Will she feel protected and loved when she think of me? Will I go overboard and always worry if she is ok? That's a definite yes!

Only time will tell what kind of a mom I will be... in the meantime I daydream of Isabella and let her listen to this lovely song... hoping that she can feel the love I feel for her.


  1. One of my favorite movies!! I agree that George is a great father figure. I think my husband is/will be a lot like him. I don't know who my model mom would be. Thought for the day!

  2. This is beautiful! I love that you're thinking about what kind of mom you will be. So important! You're going to be such an amazing mom - you already are!!!

  3. Aw great idea! I loved that movie too - great role model for parents!

  4. You will be a great mom ... because you're asking yourself all of those questions. :) Izzy's room is just beautiful! I love the girl on the swing decal ...

    Thinking about you as the date for this amazing event comes closer and closer! Your belly bump is just beautiful. :)

  5. You're going to be such an awesome mom. I can't wait and the kiddo isn't even mine, lol.