August 8, 2010

Feel like Christmas Eve

Wait for it... our pram is in the UAE and being delivered to us tomorrow morning!!! I am so excited I am jumping up and down... in my head!! I have been told it would be here in 8-10 working days so you can imagine my excitement when I checked TNT's website and found out that our pram is already in Dubai!! I am so so excited I don't know how I will be able to calm down and sleep tonight!! The lady from Phil & Teds I have been dealing with has added a few extra freebies to our parcel in appreciation of all of our patience and I cannot wait to see what these are!! In this country post is delivered to your office and as I am currently working on a site office, I get our office drive to take my mail every day from our head office. Given I have my 31 weeks appointment in the city tomorrow morning I am going to take a little detour afterwards just so that I can go to the head office and pick up the pram myself!!! I am so excited but I know I am not going to open it until D gets home as it's probably too heavy for me to take out of the car!! I so feel like Christmas Eve.. you know with all the excitement of knowing tomorrow will be a GREAT day!!! I will get D to take loads of pics and then will post them tomorrow!!!

On Friday day we went and ordered the wardrobe and changing unit for Isabella's nursery. They will be delivered in 10 days and they will assemble everything for us which is great so we can ensure everything is built safely. I cannot wait to have furniture in Izzy's room and be able to clean the wardrobes, put all of her clean and pressed clothes in the wardrobe, add the changing matt, nappies and all the essentials ready for Izzy's arrival. Her room will then start to look more like a proper nursery and less like a dumping ground!! Once the wardrobes are in I am getting our handyman to come install the fire alarms downstairs and upstairs and Izzy's lampshade we got from Ikea. Cannot wait to see how it will look!
In other non-baby related news we celebrated D's birthday this weekend by organizing a dinner with friends at one of D's favourite restaurants! His actual birthday is not until the 11th but because Ramadan is starting on his birthday this year and most people will want to spend it at home with their families we made it this weekend. It was great fun to catch up and seeing friends. A friend of mine organised "29" candles and this really cool sparkles that almost set the whole restaurant on fire!! For his actual birthday I got him a present for him to open (won't say what it is as he reads my posts from time to time!!) and I will bake him a brownie cake..!!! We shall see how that works out!!


  1. Woohoo for the pram!!! I can imagine your excitement and it's another thing that is telling you Maddy is coming soon! ok not too soon though!
    Thanks for the suggestion on the body pillow, I definitely think I'll invest in one, I've seen it on the Mothercare website so I may check it out next weekend. Much love, Fran

  2. I am so glad that your PRAM will be delivered tomorrow! The furniture you ordered is beautiful. I am jealous that you only have to wait 10 days!! Ours should be here in 2 weeks as well but we ordered it 4 weeks ago. I can not wait to see Izzy's room when you have finished decorating!

    It sounds like you have had a great weekend = ) Hope you are feeling well!!

  3. Mmmm, brownie cake. Sounds delicious. Love the furniture. It's going to look great.

  4. Yay for the Pram's arrival. I love birthdays, mine, yours, anyone's really!

  5. WHAT??? You're finally getting your pram? Amazing! Sounds like everything is coming together - so excited for you.

  6. Yay for the pram being delivered! Can't wait to see the pictures. The wardrobe and changing table are pretty... the room is going to look great!

    Happy early birthday to D!