August 9, 2010

A day of good news

I cannot hide my excitement. I sit here with a big fat smile on my face waiting for 5.30pm to come so that I can drive to the city and pick up the pram. I just called TNT and apparently as it's still in transit they cannot deliver it until tomorrow but they said I can go pick it up myself after 5. So of course that' where I am going. D told me to wait but I seriously cannot wait another day.. I want to see the pram today and I don't mind the extra drive!! I feel like a child in a candy store.

I just got back from my 31 weeks check up with the leading doctor of the team I have been assigned to. He seems like a really nice man and he is a friend of my trusted Dr. Miracle so I know I am in good hands. We had a nice chat and told me that he is happy with how things are looking and that he does not seem concern about the incident last week but he wants me to go back should it happen again. He also discussed my birthing options, he said that normally at this hospital they don't encourage elective c-sections but given I have had IVF and I am part of the exception. He didn't go into the details of why this is the case but I have it as an option should I wish to consider it. I said I would like a normal delivery if possible and he seemed happy with that but mentioned that I can change my mind at any stage and also that if there are complications we will factor those in too. He also said that epidurals are given routinely even before the real bad pain sets in so that I don't have to suffer at all. I was happy to hear that and he made a note about this in my file. I don't think I will be brave enough to go without one if I can have it but I am willing to see how things go on the day. I like his overall approach to the birth plan in terms of not setting crazy standards but seeing how things progress. He checked the results of the u/s and all looks great and he is happy with how Izzy is growing. They checked my b/p, urine and weight and all is ok. They then checked Izzy's heartbeat and felt Izzy moving and checked her position. At that moment she was in an oblique position but I told him she moves around a lot. He ordered an u/s for the next appointment in 3 weeks to make sure all is good and to check on Izzy. I left feeling confident in this doctor's ability to get me and Isabella through birth and even if it will be a member of his team or one of the midwife I am still feeling GREAT about things. I am so glad I picked this hospital.

The visit was not all smooth sailing. I actually left work at 9.45 am and didn't make it back to the office until after 1.30pm. It was hell in the hospital today. I got lost on the way there because I took an alternative route and then spent hours just waiting to check in. I didn't see the doctor until 11.45, a whole hour after my appointment was due. I normally book early morning appointments but this week they had none available but I will never make that mistake again.. what a mess.

On to more happy news today D had his first weight check at the clinic where he registered and he lost....drum rolls please..... a total of 3 kg in two weeks in this new diet! He didn't expect much from it but he came out of the appointment and felt so good and confident in knowing that it's working! I am so proud of him and I know how hard it can be for him to stick to the diet at times but I have every faith in him to be able to reach his target weight.


  1. Hi, Laura! So glad you stopped by because I was reminded about your lovely blog ... and I'm so happy that things are going well, and that you've moved on to planning the hospital stay! How exciting. :) *thinking good thoughts* ... I will bake cupcakes in honor of the happy event when it happens!

  2. That is a day full of good news. I'm glad you and Izzy are doing well!! Congrats to D and his weight loss!

  3. What wonderful news. Great to hear everything looks good with the doc, and enjoy that pram tonight! I expect pictures!!!

    Nice work, D!!!

  4. Yeah, great news all around! Congrats lady and to your man.

  5. Excitement all around!! And well done to D for the weight loss!! That's some achievement in only two weeks!

  6. Great news!! And 31 weeks, its getting so close!! So so happy for you :-)