August 15, 2010

Nursery progress

The wardrobe and changing unit is in, the decals are up, the pictures have been put up and Isabella's clothes have all been organised in their place; Izzy's nursery is really coming along so well!! We spent most of Thursday afternoon placing the girl on the swing decal on the wall next to the wardrobe. It took a bit of effort and time but the result is stunning and we are so so happy with it. Then on Friday morning we applied the decal of Twinkle Twinkle on the opposite wall as well as other pictures that we bought along the way. The overall look is so cute and we cannot wait to add the cot once it arrives and the little toy chest D bought for Izzy. I loved putting her clothes away in the wardrobe and the sheets because it made it look so real.. she is really going to arrive soon!! Life is just incredible!

We had our last parenting class session which was all about feeding the baby and breastfeeding. The midwife gave us an handout that mentioned that people who had a variety of health issues could face difficulty in breastfeeding. Amongst these issues was Infertility treatments. I asked what that meant as I explained that our daughter is an IVF miracle. The midwife said that hopefully all will be fine but that if I have face problems in breastfeeding to speak to a lactation specialist whilst I am in the hospital. I got freaked out as I am really looking forward to breastfeeding but all we can do for now is wait and see what happens. We also had a tour of the hospital facilities, we were shown a standard delivery room so we know what to expect and then a standard recovery room. We were both happy with what we saw. Whilst we were in the delivery room the midwife told me that normally if you are considered high risk, which I am now, I will be monitored more closely than the other patients that as much as possible I should be able to deliver with the help of the midwife alone but that a doctor will be on standby anyway. D and I spoke about this and we don't mind the extra attention to make sure that both Izzy and I are well looked after.

Today I am officially in the 8th month of pregnancy and 32 weeks along! I have to say I am still feeling great and that my energy levels are still high. I do get tired and hot but for the most part I am doing great. My belly and my boobs are still growing loads and most of the tops I used to fit into a couple of weeks ago are now too short. I can still feel Izzy movements and kicks but they are not strong enough to wake me up at night or even if they do I just turn around. I say I "just turn around" but you should see how I turn these days.. poor D must think he is at sea!! Life is amazing and everyday closer to THE date is a miracle!


  1. Oh Laura the nursery is fantastic!! I may steal some of your ideas when the time will come!! I love the decals, really beautiful.
    Wow i didn't know IVF babies may have problems breastfeeding...I really hope it'll be ok for both of us! oh and I meant to say that my OB also told me about the elective C-section if I wanted it. It must be something to do with the fact that they understand well how stressful IVF can be! Much love, Fran

  2. Congratulations on 32 weeks!! Your nursery is beautiful!! Seeing your furniture is making me really excited for ours to be delivered, hopefully soon in the next week or two. I am glad that you are feeling great and everything is going well!

  3. Your nursery is looking great! That's so bizarre about IVF babies having troubles breastfeeding. I wonder why. If you find out why, definitely let us know!

    And I like that you'll get lots of attention in the delivery room - you and Izzy deserve it!

  4. I love the wall touches! Adorable!
    My husband would laugh at me in bed at night, because my turning over was in shifts, a little at a time and took about a minute. So not fun!

  5. Thanks ladies! About the breastfeeding it's more to do with the mother's ability to have enough milk to breastfeed than the baby. I think it's down to the fact that the reasons for doing IVF can be so many and they just link the fact that we had trouble getting pregnant to the possibility you will have trouble breastfeeding/producing enough milk. I think it's the same principle they apply to why in certain hospitals (like mine) they register you as a "high risk" patient just to be on the safe side.

  6. Super cute stickers, love it!

  7. I am so nervous about breastfeeding too. It is something I am so much looking forward to, but my mother had trouble with it. I don't know if she sought help from a lactation specialist or not, but by the time my younger sisters came around, she only fed them in the hospital, then went straight to formula. I am hoping a lactation specialist will do the trick, and I've also heard that renting hospital strength breast pumps and taking herbs can help too.

    I LOVE that girl on the swing!