August 18, 2010

If one plus one equals two...

If this is D as a baby(how cute is he?????).. and

this is me at around the same age...

What would Izzy look like???

D and I's favourite question at the moment is exactly that. What will our baby girl look like? I hear stories of parents who knew what their baby would look like but I generally think they are full of crap! How could they know?? I mean the latest 3D pics of Isabella show a cute baby but it does not give us a clear indication of what she will look like when she is born; how could it? I mean she still has 7 plus week in which to change and grow. Even her appearance at birth will not stay the same after a week or a month.

When I see pictures of my nieces at birth and then see pictures of when they were 5 month the difference is huge, they don't even look like the same baby! My baby niece Lilli was a beautiful baby girl, she was born my emergency c-section and looked like the perfect baby. She had pale eyes and a few brown hair. Now at almost 4 years old she has brown/blond hair and green eyes. Her baby sister was not a pretty baby at birth. Her birth was a natural and painful (for her mom) birth and her she had the typical cone head you see in some newborns. Now at two she is such a pretty toddler. Her hair, that at birth was red, is now as blond as it gets and she has the most amazing blue eyes you have ever seen.

So we already know that Izzy could be born with pale colour eyes (like most babies) and then end up having brown eyes like me or green like her dad. She could have a head full of hair (D is not too keen on this one.. don't know why but I think it would freak him out) and then end up having light brown hair like me and D.. who knows. What we do know for sure is that no matter how she will look in our eyes she will be the most beautiful and perfect baby girl in the whole wide world. We will look at her and our hearts will melt, we will piss people off by showing them endless slide shows of her pictures. My purse and D's wallet will be covered in pictures of Isabella and no other baby will be able to compare... and that's the way it should be. I cannot wait to meet her.. come on October hurry up!!


  1. Oh God I'm so so excited for you! My mom just asked me now if we could see any similarities between us and Elvis in the ultrasound pics! no way! i can't imagine at all what he/she will look like, I'm so curious too!!

  2. I am sure she is going to be absolutely beautiful!!!!

  3. Oh this is so exciting for you - so soon, and you get to meet your baby!

  4. We tried to guess too. After Ava was born we started comparing and she has bits and pieces of me and my husband. Although, she continues to change some each day!

  5. She's gorgeous just like her parents. Those childhood photos are super cute.