February 28, 2010

The Big Reveal!!!

Thursday evening in our household was a very fun night!! I made D a lovely meal (our cooker is fixed!!!) of roasted potatoes, veal with lemon and herbs and a fresh salad! It was so yummy I get hungry just thinking of it (that's not really difficult these days!!). After dinner we got the phones out and we were ready to dial! First on the list were my parents but as usual when you want to reach someone they don't answer the phone. So we called my friend Michelle who lives nearby and who is on the same time zone as us!!
  1. Michelle's reaction - she gave us the BESTEST of reactions!! She has been so supportive of us during our trials and tribulations with IVF and she knows how much we wanted this baby. She was screaming like I have never heard anyone scream before!!! D and I were sitting there speechless and very emotional!!
  2. D called his grandma in Greece! Now I don't speak Greek, I am learning it but it's a slow progress work! Her reaction was just amazing!! She immediately sounded so Happy and ecstatic!!! It was incredible!! D lost his mom a little over 2 years ago so speaking to his grandma and his aunt is, in a way like talking to his mom. It was emotional for him.
  3. Then he called his aunt as his grandma and aunt live near one another and he wanted to tell her in person. She was over the moon too and D told me that she told him how ready he is to be a dad and how great of a dad he will make.
  4. As I couldn't get through to my parents, I called my brother instead. I told him that we found a great friend for our nieces and that they need to come visit us soon. He said that they make friends everywhere and not to worry. I said, that this friend is a very special kind of friend... a little cousin for them! He was screaming and kept on saying he could not believe it!! He was so happy for us. He said we waited so long for this and how much we deserve this little miracle!! It was so emotional.
  5. Then D called his brother as he also could not get hold of his dad! His brother is not someone to show emotions but he sounded really happy for us and the good news.
  6. Finally I was able to get through to my parents! As I wanted to I was able to tell them the story about the piece of furniture and when they opened the attachment they sounded so Happy!! My mom was screaming: "Is it real?! Is it?!?" My dad was screaming for joy! It was so emotional and I was stuck for words on several occasions!!!
  7. D was then able to call his dad and he was crying of joy for us. He was so excited. He was upset we didn't tell him earlier but we told him we could not tell anyone yet! He was really really happy for us!!
  8. We then went on to call friends that we want to tell now and they were all so happy for us. Most of our friends know at least a little of what we have been through and they were so happy that we finally got our wish. On Friday night I was also finally able to contact a good friend of mine in the UK and tell her about it and she said that she kind of suspected it as we were avoiding the subject about how the cycle went but at the same time I was so happy. She cannot believe she is going to be an auntie!! We have not told other people we know and we have not said anything on Facebook as we want to keep it a secret until the 3 months are up!

After all the big reveals we had enough of speaking to people on the phone and we were ready for a relaxing weekend!! We went shopping on Friday but we came back early as I was so tired and need to rest. I slept for hours that day and then had an early night as well! Yesterday was a better day and we were able to go get our outdoor table and parasol for the garden. We shopped everywhere for it and now that we have finally found it we cannot wait it use it! I also got a pair of maternity jeans with the big band, they are so comfy and I think they will become my best friends!! I also found a new pregnancy and to wear over my work trousers.. and today I really feel super comfy.

Last night it rained lots here which is unusual for the desert but it was a welcomed change as it has been so hot and humid that we needed a breath of fresh air!! I am 8 weeks today and all is great, my 2pm nausea kicks in but I find that if I don't fight it, it goes away on its own. I am constipated for my standards but I am sure that has something to do with letting go of my "pregnancy diet" at the weekend so hopefully by tomorrow things will go back to normal. Life is good!!


  1. I got teary eyed reading the reaction of family members. :o)

  2. Such great ways to tell the big news! So excited for you!

  3. Yayy...so glad it went well!!!