February 8, 2010

blissfully blessed....

Today I am 5 weeks and 2 days pregnant. Part of me cannot believe I am pregnant. Maybe it's the fact that I have not told anyone yet or because I have wanted this for so long that now it's really happening it does not feel real. The physical changes help in reminding me that I am indeed pregnant and yet it's so easy for me to believe it's all a wonderful dream. I wonder when if ever am going to stop checking when I wipe, or check that my boobs are still sore and worry every time I feel a twinge in my lower belly. I admitted this to D and he said, well the fact that you are not getting a period anymore should give you enough proof that you are PREGNANT! That is true, when my period was due I waited and waited and every time I went to the toilet I would that she would not show. My prayers were answered and I suppose it's true what they say, your period being late is the biggest sign of pregnancy!

We are moving home! We have been in the same apartment block in the middle of the city for a 3 years now and we have been looking to move for as long as we can remember. Last weekend we went to look at this new development which is in a gated community and it's all villas. The feel of the place is amazing, it's all families with children and everyone seemed so eager to make friends and form a community. I cannot believe we got so lucky to find such a place. We will finalise everything by Thursday which is also a good sign of things to come as it's our ultra sound day!!! Now we just need to organise the move and off we are off to a brand new start!! So excited!!

I don't know if it's me or the hormones but nowadays whenever I get good news or something exciting happens and likewise when I am faced with a slightly tough situation I get super emotional. So today I was picking up our new credit cards and cheque books at Aramex and the guy behind the counter could not find my order. The look on my face must have worried him enough to say: "No need to panic, it's all going to be OK and we'll find all that you are looking for". I was taken aback as I felt I reacted normally but obviously I must have over reacted! Got to love pregnancy hormones!!!


  1. Hey girl.

    I nominated you for a Beautiful Blogger award. Check out my blog for details!

  2. You are never going to stop worrying, thats what us Moms do. :o)

    I still would take a pregnancy test once in a while late into my first trimester. Just to see the words "Pregnant" on the test was amazing and I could never get over it.

    Congrats again