February 25, 2010

We saw the most amazing heart beating fast!!!

Today was the BIG day. Ultrasound day is always a big day but today's was a super important one (I am sure I will be saying this every time!!). In the last 2 weeks things could have changed and I would have not known anything. Needless to say I could not sleep properly and I was up even before my alarm went off. Taking a warm shower helped. Then I woke up D he was up in no time and he is generally not a morning person! He woke up with a big smile on his face! I watered the lawn and then we were off. This time I drunk lots of orange juice before I left so that when I have to pee in the cup it's not impossible to do and it worked. My blood pressure was good and I have gained 2kg (4.4 pounds!) When I told D he said: "is that all?" with a big grin on his face!! Considering I lose weight and not I put weight back on, all looks great. Then the Dr. S arrived and she asked me about my "visions" and I said it only happened that one (please don't happen again!!!) and that all together I am great. I have nausea in the afternoon but nothing major and that my appetite is huge!!
Then we finally( I wanted to jump on that bed straight away!!!) moved to do the ultrasound. At first all we saw was the sac and there seemed to be nothing inside of it and I started to panic, but she quickly moved the "magic wand" left and right and there it was, our miracle baby with his strong heart beating! I get goose bumps just thinking of it again. It was the most amazing image I have ever seen. Tears were streaming down my face and I had the biggest smile on! I could not stop looking at our Peanut. The doctor even described him/her as looking like a peanut and D told her that that's what we call the baby!! So cute! She measure the baby even though she said it's difficult to see what is what as it's still early days. The measurement said it was a baby of 7w1d but that is +/- 5 days so she was happy with the measurements. She spent a long time on our baby and she printed 2 pics for us as the first one had a lot of writing on it. D had the biggest smile on his face and kept on rubbing the back of my feet... It was one of those magical moments....
Dr. S then explained all the blood tests I will be doing today as part of my antenatal screening. I am trying to remember if I had the german measles... D said he had not. I go back again next week for the progesterone boost and keep taking my progesterone suppositories. Next ultrasound at 9w4d on the 11th of March! She is such a good doctor and she explains everything step by step. I am so lucky she will be able to see me through my pregnancy and deliver our baby!! I know most IVF doctors don't see their patients through and they refer them to an "ordinary gyno" so I am super blessed to have this amazing bond with her!

Tonight is the big reveal. I am sitting her and I am IM my mom and all I can think of.. they will be so happy tonight!! My mom is an optimist, when I told her we needed help conceiving she started telling me of all the people she knows who had IVF and now have babies or who adopted
and had their families this way. They both go to a special sanctuary and pray for us. It's so sweet. They don't know we did another IVF cycle in Jan so this is going to come as a huge surprise to them! They are going to be nonna and nonno (grandma and grandpa) again. They are great grandparents to my brother's daughters and they love them to bits. I cannot wait to see them with our peanut!! I am getting goosebumps again... come on day.. go by fast so that we can tell!!! I cannot believe we have been so good at keeping this a secret until now!


  1. Yayy... How wonderful. Isn't hearing the hb just the most amazing sound. It's so hard to believe that that sounds is actually coming from inside of you!

  2. Yay! So happy that you were able to hear the heartbeats! Things are going so well for you guys. Can't wait to hear about the big reveal!

  3. Yay! Everything sounds great. Thats awsome you get to stay with your doctor this whole time. Can't wait to hear how your parents react to the great news!

  4. i hope the big reveals went even better than you imagined!! yaay for hearing the heartbeat :o)