February 1, 2010

4weeks 2 days pregnant - Our baby is now called an Embryo

I still cannot truly believe I am pregnant. I mean after you wait for so long to feel something as magical as this, when you actually feel it you cannot believe it's happening. I wake up every morning and thank God for this wonderful gift he has granted us. I rub my belly throughout the day and its warmth and fullness helps reminding me that I am indeed pregnant! I walk around with a new found peace in a way as if all in the world is good again. I have also developed an innate protection towards my baby(ies). Yesterday I had to go on a site visit at work and the guy giving us the briefing was talking about possible injuries and accidents. I was in a panic by the time we got to the site. I was very careful not to step on cables or be near sharp edges and followed our guide with intense dedication. The guide actually suggested we go up one of the towers which is still under construction and I refused, there was no way I would subject my babies to more harm. I was glad when the whole thing was over.
Symptoms wise I am doing ok. The major ones that have appeared so far are:
  1. heartburn;
  2. gas in my belly;

  3. sleepiness (it comes over you when you least expect it);

  4. fullness/bloating in my belly;

  5. sore, warm, veiny boobs;

  6. nipples are getting slightly bigger and darker;

  7. thirst is my new best friend - I have never drunk so much water in my life;

  8. peeing every half hour (due to the fact that I am drinking so much!);

  9. hunger - I wake up hungry and go to bed hungry - I am eating a lot more and yet the hunger is still there.

The best thing is that I love each and every symptoms because unlike all these previous years, these signs are REAL PREGNANCY SIGNS!!! I can now tell the difference.. I always thought my boobs would get bigger before AF.. well now I know what big boobs look like!! D loves them!! LOL

Life is amazing knowing there is one or possibly two lives growing inside of me. I feel so blessed and so truly happy. We have decided not to tell our families or friends until we are 9 weeks unless the doctor says it's better to wait until we are 12 weeks. We know what statistics say so we know that there are still risks and our families cannot cope with getting such amazing news and then being crushed in case something happens (please God protect our baby(ies). So we figure it's better to wait a while longer. Plus we want to be able to tell them how many babies we are having and that all is ok. This gives us another 4 weeks to come up with really great ways of telling our families and friends!! I will post a few ideas as they come to me!


  1. Hi Laura,

    It's Emily from BabyCenter. Love the blog. Isn't pregnancy amazing! I too find myself holding my belly. It's so awesome to know there is a little life growing inside!

    Anyways, here's the link to my blog. Feel free to check it out!


  2. Emily thanks for checking in! Pregnancy is the most amazing feeling in the world!!! I'll check out your blog!!

  3. I wandered into your site from cycle sista. Just wanted to say congrats and keep up the good work.