February 15, 2010

My husband... THE MAN!!!

Yesterday was Valentine Day and we normally don't celebrate it, we might get cards and do one romantic gesture but nothing more than that.. we go out for dinner whenever we want and surprise each other whenever, we don't need a holiday to do that! So yesterday morning I left a card on the windshield of D's car... I wish I had a camera to record his reaction!!! He later told me he though he had gotten a fine!! HEHE! As I have mentioned before we are in the process of moving house, so yesterday we spent a good part of the day trying to sort out the water and electricity connection to our new house. We played good cop/bad cop with our agent and at 7pm I was at his office after work to pick up the documents we needed. D told him very bluntly that it was not fair that after we have already paid the rent that we still don't have water or electricity because our landlady has not provided us with all the necessary documents. He is so good at being to the point without getting emotional or aggressive.. he is a lawyer after all!
Now, everyone told us we will not be able to do this on our own and that we would need someone who knows someone to help get everything done. We wanted to try on our own so I went to pick up D and off we went on a mission to get water. It was 8pm on Valentines when most people are out for dinner or having a romantic night, D and I were in a small office with other couples in our situation trying to get our utilities connected. D even mentioned it to the other couples...and they nodded away! Well when it was our turn and we said we were moving to this one specific development, they all said it was difficult to get it done. So D gave all of our paperwork and the guy took one look, entered something into the system and said: "yours is fine!"We could not believe our luck... again! Within 10 minutes all was done and today we should have water and electricity.. lady luck has turned for us and we cannot believe it! You have to understand that in the last 2 years we have lived through some really terrible experience all at once plus some really bad luck thrown in there for good measure so for things to go according to plan is not something we are used to...
The one main constant that has always been unchanged is the love we have for one another. Even when things looked the bleakest and there was no hope in sight, we knew that as long as we were together all will be ok. We knew that we could rely on one another no matter what and that the other person would always be there to help the other one to get up and carry on... We are truly blessed in this and I will never take this for granted!!
In other news... our baby is now 6weeks and 1 day... this week the baby will undergo major developments including the nose, the mouth and ears will begin to form! His/her heart is beating from between 100 to 160 times a minute and blood is beginning to run through his/her body! He/she is the size of a chickpea.. how cute!!! Only 9 days until we see the baby again, last night I had a dream that we went for the u/s and we saw and heard the baby's heart beating! It was an amazing dream, one I hope we will get to experience for real next week!

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