February 24, 2010

Here's how we are going to spill the beans!!!!

Tomorrow is finally almost here and we will see our baby again. We hope and pray all looks good and healthy and as it should be for 7weeks and 4 days. We wonder if we will hear a heartbeat or only see it on the monitor, either way it's going to be amazing to see our peanut again! Come on tomorrow, hurry up and get here already!!

DH and I went out for dinner last night as our cooker is still not connected (not impressed or happy about that!!!). Over dinner we were discussing ways in which we are going to tell our friends and families about the BIG news tomorrow after our second u/s. As we live away from our families and some of our dearest friends we will have to do most of the reveals over the phone, so we have to make this good! We have a special reveal for everyone so here they go:

  1. My mum & dad - I have taken a picture of a beautiful crib saved it on my phone. I will then call them and make sure they put me on speakerphone so they both can hear me. Once I am sure of that I will tell them that we have found a one of a kind piece of furniture for our house. I'll tell them it's being custom made and will arrive in 6/7 months time and that they are making it as we speak. They will ask me what it is and I will say I don't know the name of it in Italian and that I will send them a pic of it now. I will then wait for it all to kick in.. I wonder how long it will take!!! LOL!!!

  2. My brother and his family - I will tell him that our nieces have to come visit us soon as we have found a perfect little baby who is jut the most beautiful and good little baby ever, who will make a great play date for Lillianna and Ivy (my nieces). In the meantime I will send him an email with our latest u/s picture!! Then I will tell him to check his email as we took a picture of this amazing baby!! I cannot wait to hear his reaction.. he will flip out I know that!!!

  3. My father in law is currently on holiday in Mexico so what we thought we would do is call him up and ask him he is carrying a lot of cash with him. He will be wondering why D is asking and then D will tell him that he will have to buy a round for everyone tonight as he is going to be a grandpa in October!!! We are going to play it safe and tell him last as he has a tendency of spilling the beans to everyone (poor D did not get a chance to tell everyone we were getting married as he told everyone first!!!)

  4. D's brother - this one is going to be straight forward. D will ask him: "do you like your new nickname....Uncle Alex!"

  5. Extended family - D still has his yiayia (grandma) and she has wished for us to have a baby even before we got married. She is such a sweet lady and will be just over the moon with the news. D will tell her that her wished came true and that she will be a great grandma in October. He also has an aunt and cousins and I am sure he will think of something great to tell them too. I have one aunt so I will call her and tell her if she is ready to come visit us in October as she is going to be a great aunt for the third time!

  6. Friends - we have a few great friends here so we are still coming up with ways to tell each and everyone of them before they know from Facebook! To Michelle, a good friend of mine who lives nearby, I will tell that I need for us to go shopping together soon. She will get all excited and then I will tell her that I need to go as I don't fit into any of my clothes anymore.. wonder how long it takes for her to get it!! To another good friend of ours who lives away we are planning on D calling her. D always plays pranks on her so what we want to do is for him to call her and say that I have been keeping a secret from her and that he feels it's time he tells her. She will go all crazy and will want to know what this secret is.. and then he will pass over the phone and I will say: "Gotta ya! We are pregnant!!" We have a lot more people to tell before Facebook so we will be spending most of Thursday night making phone calls around the world!!

Today we got curtains for our house and they look amazing!! Walking in the baby's room feels amazing with the curtains up.. I can already see it's going to be a GREAT room! Our bedroom is chic and sophisticated and I have to admit that the curtains are really worth the price we paid for them! Truly a work of art!!! Now only need to get the cooker and washing machine hooked up to the power outlet and we are almost ready. I finished working on our kitchen last night and D worked on organising the library which now looks super organised! Big task for the weekend is our bedroom.. joy oh joy!!


  1. Yayyyy! How exciting. We are still debating when we want to tell our friends. I want to wait until after our first Ob appointment at 10 weeks, but that seems so far away.

  2. How exciting, being able to plan on how to deliver the good news. Have a great fun time and make sure you post about how it all goes.

  3. thank you sweet ladies!!! I will post all about it tomorrow!!! Cannot wait till tonight!!!