February 2, 2010

I love this new look!!!

As things progress I felt my blog needed an extra kick to bring it up to the level of happiness I am feeling these days. This design suits my mood best. Thank you Yummy Lolly http://www.yummylolly.com/for this wonderful design and for sharing it with the world and me for free! It adds that extra happiness and joy my blog was missing!!

Of course I am new at this new blogging business, so I have now lost my IVF time lines. I will need to go into my IVF diary and retype it all tonight. Thank God I have my IVF diary. This is one thing I would advise every women embarking on IVF to purchase. It's not a special diary in any way it can be any diary that you fancy. I bought a purple one and a special purple pen to go with it. I brought my diary with me to every appointment and always made sure I wrote down all the new information I was being provided. I don't know if this applies to everyone but I have a tendency to switch off when important medical information is being communicated to me. Normally D would be with me at the appointments and he would absorb all the info like a sponge! Sometimes I had to go on my own and here is where the diary really came in handy!! I would write the meds I needed to take, the time, how many follicles we had on each side and all the other very important information. Now that I pregnant I will keep the diary with me for all the "pregnancy information" I am now supposed to remember. Beta numbers, u/s appointments, progesterone shots appointments... you get the picture.

One thing I will not put in my diary is the amount of food the baby(ies) are making me eat these days!! I give you an example of what I ate yesterday and you tell me if I am exaggerating:

  1. bowl of Fruit & Fiber cereals with low fat milk;

  2. 1 big bowl of mixed berries;

  3. 2 tomatoes, lettuce and cheese sandwiches on wholemeal bread;

  4. 1 yogurt;

  5. 2 cereal bars;

  6. 2 bowls of noodles with beef, broccoli and carrots.

Now for me this is a lot of food. I am used to eating breakfast, lunch and dinner. Now my body asks for all the extra snacks as well. I do eat food that is wholesome and healthy so that the baby(ies) get the most out of the nutrients I eat. Now I am sitting here, an hour after having eaten a huge bowl of wholemeal pasta and tomato sauce, hungry! I mean really hungry... enough hungry that I need to stop writing and go get myself a yogurt... I am not sure if this is normal this early, the way I see it is that our baby(ies) need all the extra energy to grow and mature so I am more than happy to eat as much as they need me to!!

This really makes me wonder if we really have 2 babies in there, whether both Jammy and Lucky made it through the implantation process. D told me he had a dream of us having breakfast with two cute little blond boys. When I do my newly acquired pregnancy meditation, I visualise two babies... Only time will tell, we have 8 days to go until we find out!!!

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