February 6, 2010

5 weeks pregnant... the joy of maternity shopping...

Today we are 5 weeks pregnant, it feels like yesterday this miracle started and every day we feel more and more blessed to be experiencing all of this. My belly is growing and I am feeling great overall. I am getting used to my boobs being so big and lumpy and they don't really bother me until I have to sleep. Even then I have found a way for them not to bother me, it includes me lying on my side with a pillow in between my legs. The new symptom that has appeared with the vengeance is this constant feeling of warmth. Now I have always been freezing cold, winter, summer anytime of the year i am cold. My hands, my feet, cold all over and it gets hot here in the summer.. we live in the desert and yet I am cold. Well that is gone and has now been replaced by incredible warmth. If one moment I am perfectly fine the next minute I am boiling but I am mainly hot. D thinks it's crazy how from day to the next my body has changed so much.

I have been complaining all week about how my bras are getting tighter by the day and how I need a new maternity bra. So today we went maternity bra shopping. I have no idea what to look for what to buy and so I got a size bigger than the one I am currently wearing now and hoped it would have fit fine. They had no changing rooms so I had to buy them and try them at home. One thing I have to say about maternity bra is how HUGE they are. I mean I am really not used to that much fabric... it seems impossible that we need all of that fabric! LOL When I got home and tried them on they fit but they make my boobs look very big indeed and they also look really far apart... if the other bras bring you breasts together the maternity bras go for comfort! I am not complaining! I wish I could go to a store where they can measure my bust size and give me the exact bra size. I'll need to shop around for such a store!

I then went into my favourite mom and baby store, it's called Mamas & Papas and I love it!!! Whenever I go to this particular mall I go into the store, most days I HATE going in there as it was just a cruel reminder of something I could not have. During the good days, I would look at all the prams and carrycots and baby clothes and dream of the day I would be going in there with D to shop for our baby. Well today the day has come and it felt like a dream come true. They had no maternity bras but they had tops and jeans and skirts... I have always loved going into this stores but now that I am pregnant it feels like I belonged there. For once I was shopping for myself not for a friend or a relative and the feeling was so intense I almost burst into tears. Part of me expected a curtain to be lifted at any moment and Ashton Kutcher to come out and say.. "Laura you have been punked"!!! I swear part of me could not believe I belonged there, that I was buying clothes because I needed them not because I was fantasizing of being pregnant. I bought two cute tops that my little belly is going to grow nicely into.. I cannot wait!!

Another GREAT thing happened today, we finally found the house we would like to move into! We have lived in the same house for almost four years and it's an apartment in a block of flats. It's nice but the neighbourhood is not the best and parking is such a BIG issue, the neighbours are not the best either and they are mainly labour works living many in one apartment... it's really not ideal and we have had enough now. We have looked out for affordable houses withing our city and finally D found this amazing new development. It's a little bit out of the city about 30 minutes but closer to my office (10 minutes drive!). D will have a longer drive but it's a nice drive with little traffic. The villa is amazing, it has 3 bedrooms and a study, one balcony, one terrace on the top floor and a large garden. We are thrilled to have found it and at such a reasonable price too. We thought we would have had to move out of the city but instead we get to stay here and have a better standard of living. The neighbours look like young families too and everyone said hello as we walked by.. it made us feel right at home. Next step is giving notice to our current landlord and then we are good to go!!!

We feel so blessed...


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  2. Yay! I am still looking forward to the day I can actually go maternity shopping. I have yet to actually shop in a maternity store, but have looked as some cute clothes from afar. So glad you found a wonderful place that would be great for your expanding family. How exciting!

  3. Yayyy. I went Maternity shoping today too! I though I was crazy but my pants won't fit at all!!! I bought a new Be Band from Target, 2 maternity shirts (that are long enough to cover the Be band) and a pair of stretchy jeans. I couldn't quite bring myself to get full blow maternity jeans since I haven't even had my u/s yet! Isn't it amazing how fast our tummies are growing!!!!

  4. Thank you girls!!! Baby.. hopefully soon enough you will be telling us about the joy of maternity bras and jeans with elastic bands!!! :))
    Emily - yaay I am not alone in this!! I have not bought pants yet but I swear at the end of the day I don't fit into mine and even at work I sit there and unbutton them as they get tight!!! I think I need to get one of those bands too!!! I love the maternity shirts.. they are so cute right?!? And the jeans too.. but I have not bought them yet either... wonder how long we'll last before we give in and buy them!!