February 23, 2010

Busy.. busy... but SUPER HAPPY!!

That's my life these days! We moved house at the weekend and we are now living in our lovely 3 bed house with garden. We cannot be happier. It's an amazing place and so quiet too! The only thing that wakes me up in the morning is the sound of birds!!! Only last week we were waking up to the sound of cars honking at all times of night and day and people talking on their mobiles. Now we have peace and quiet... and lovely birds!! We take turns to water the garden, so if one of us does it at night the other one gets the next morning. I have to admit that it's a pleasure to do it even before going to work. There is something relaxing about it.

Last night D surprised me with our own very first bbq! He bought two portable bbqs and got sausages and made lovely pork skewers. Getting the bbqs started was a bit of a mission but we managed in the end and the result was really yummy. We have been together for almost 10 years (it will be 10 in October.. what a great month it will be!!) and in all these years we have never had a house with a garden. We still cannot believe it’s ours to look after and enjoy!!

The house still need a lot of work. The movers put away all the big heavy furniture but we still need to put away our clothes, our books, our movies and everything else. I am currently working on the kitchen and we still need to get someone to come and install our cooker and washing machine as the movers could not do this. Tonight I have to go to our old flat and vacuum it so that D can disconnect the water and electricity and we can hand it over to the landlord. Like I have said, our life is busy these days!

Peanut is doing great, he/she really is the bestest of babies and we are so blessed. I am 7 weeks and 2 days today and feeling amazing! I have no complaints of morning sickness and I am so thankful for that. I still get really hungry at times but most of the time I am great. I do get tired quicker but that’s normal especially considering that we are in the process of moving and rearranging our house. The bump is getting bigger and most of my trousers no longer close. I wear a band but bought the small one and now it does not fit. I think this weekend I will need to go get some nice comfy trousers to wear at work and at home too. We are eagerly waiting for Thursday to see our peanut again. We hope all looks great then and that we can see and perhaps hear his/her heart beating. It will be music to our hears…. We both cannot believe how many changes our baby has been through and how many more he will go through before his due date! Life sure is amazing!

If all goes well then Thursday is the day we will have the big reveal to our families! I am still thinking of ways to tell each and every one of them but struggling to find something original. All of them are expecting for me to say that we are starting our second IVF cycle… little do they know!! All of them know how hard it’s been for us to get pregnant so I am sure they will all be so HAPPY. I get goose bumps just thinking about it… come on Thursday!!!
On another news I have become obsessed over researching online what lotions are safe for me to use and which are not and the rule of thumb is not to use any. Even the ones that seem ok are then not so ok. I use Palmers for my belly and thighs after my shower but it's my hands that concern me. I have always been allergic to cleaning products and detergents but since I got pregnant the allergy has become much worse. Up until now I used Aveeno hand cream which does not seem to have any of those nasty NO-NO ingredients but I cannot find it anymore so now I am searching for a good hand cream... if you know of any pregnancy safe brands please let me know!!!


  1. Yay for new houses! We are moving into our new house on Friday too! It's been an amazing couple of weeks! Can't wait to hear how your u/s on Thursday. Our next appointment (graduation day from the RE is Friday!). Your bump is looking so cute.

  2. Thanks sweetie!! Good luck with your move! We have to be glad we are moving now and not when we are going to be big and really will not want to deal with boxes and moving stuf around!! Keeping you in my prayers for Friday!!