February 15, 2010

Silent Migraines....

Ok so today after I posted about my wonderful husband and how lucky we are recently.. I get up at work and go to the bathroom. I am peeing and I look at the floor and see from my left eye these translucent lights.. I think nothing of it as it's normal to see spots and things when getting up too quick. So I am standing in front of the mirror and see these lights and they move from in front of me to the left side of my face. When I look up they are there and then they move. Ok, this is strange. I go back to my desk and the light is getting bigger, bigger that I cannot read the words on my computer. I close my eyes and I see a bright light. Ok, this is scary. I get my phone and I go back to the toilet. I call D and tell him I am freaking out as I see bright lights. He is confused and says this is very strange even for me!! LOL He is googling this as he calms me down and says it's normal during pregnancy but to call the doctor just to make sure all ok. I tell him I am walking around and that the light is better when I walk in darker rooms and that it gets really bad in bright rooms. He tells me to sit down and call the doctor. I go back to my office, this has been about 10 minutes or so and the light is now on top of my head and I see what seems to be a fan. Then like that it just went. I call D and tell him that it went and he tells me to call the doctor anyway. A friend of mine comes in and I tell her I feel dizzy and about this lights. She takes me to a clinic we have on the site office I work at to measure my blood pressure. Of course I have to tell her that I am pregnant.. she is a good lady who has been praying for us to get pregnant so she will never tell! Anyway my bp is 90 over 60 which is low but then again I am pregnant so it's ok.

I go back to the office and call my doctor. She asks me if I got a migraine or if my belly was hurting and I say no to both. No pain in my belly, no spotting nothing of the sort.. just the bright light!?!?! She said I need to go home and rest. Drink plenty of water and just rest for the day. I tell her about my bp and she said when I went in last time it was 100 over 60 so it's ok. She told me to call her immediately if it happens again.

I drive home and I am in a daze, I left all my windows down so that I can really focus as I am feeling dizzy. Once I get home I go straight to bed and I have slept a good 4 hours and a bit. I feel much better now. I ate something more and now I am waiting for DH to pick me up to go see about our garden.

As I wait and as I can see fine, I google my symptoms and Silent Migraines pops up! It describes all I have experienced. So now I think this is what happened:
  1. I am in my 6th week and a lot of changes are happening to the baby and me this week I read most people get m/s now.. I get hallucinations!?!? LOL!
  2. yesterday I had a lunch with my colleagues and I ordered a sandwich was too spicy for me, I ate it but did not enjoy it;
  3. I also ran around and got really upset about the water and electricity not working and people not helping;
  4. we ate later than normal as we ended up running around for the water (but got it done so we were happy);
  5. after the meal I literally fell asleep straight away - it was 9 pm;
  6. this morning I had diarrhea and did not feel great;
  7. my usual fortified breakfast tasted horrible and was a struggle to finish it;
  8. the blurring started!

So from now on I need to avoid, spicy food, stressful situations that make me upset and running around too much... and hopefully the blurred vision won't come back!! (please don't ever come back.. it was scary!!)


  1. I have had this happen several times this pregnancy already. I have also had the full blown migraines. I hope you won't have to experience those too. Sorry to hear about your scary experience and I hope the migraines stay far, far away from you for the next 8 1/2 months. Can't wait for the next u/s report.

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  3. Hi there I am pregnant and I am dealing with silent migraines as well. They are scary and I really hope that they go away after I have our baby. I see this is an older post for you and I was wondering how it all concluded for you. Do you still get the migraines?

  4. I have had silent migrains in both of my pregnancies. With my first child I had one at 10 wks and second pregnancy at 17 wks. After researching a lot at least they only last 20 minutes, but it is 20 minutes of terror. It will pass.