March 3, 2010

Eventful morning...8 weeks and 4 days pregnant!

Thursdays are my days to go get my progesterone injection and then next Thursday injection and seeing Peanut. So today I set off in an amazing mood to go get my injection. The weather was super clear and you could see all the way into the city.. it was incredible. I made it to the clinic and struggled with parking then I found one spot and hurried into the clinic as I normally do. Well this time in the lift I started seeing those spots i saw about 2 weeks ago. I thought, here we go again. I made it into the clinic and all the nurses sensed something was wrong and they rushed to me. I told them what was going on and they measured my blood preassure and heartbeat. All was normal. Then I laid down and my vision was getting worst by the minute. Like last time it started with dots and then started becoming this big vacuum like image and then it went to the top of my head and it left. In 10 minutes or so it was gone. I was good enough to stand up and the doctor wanted to check the baby just to make sure nothing was effecting the baby. I was happy to get a look at peanut so soon. The doctor wanted me to locate the heartbeat as I couldn't and I did.. there it was fast and strong. Peanut looks so much bigger than last time. Last time he/she was 10.8 and this week she is 17.3!! Amazing difference!! All looks more than great and the docs are happy with my progress. This time the baby looks like more an more like a baby, I could see the head and the little arms and his body where her heart his. The doctor spent a long time on the baby and showed me how Peanut is now moving around. It was so cool. He was not dancing or anything but she was moving all by herself!! I wished D could have been there but as it was an emergency u/s he was not with me. He was gutted when I told him but so happy all is going so well! They also got my results for the blood tests I did and all looks great. I am not anemic and all my levels are great. All together things are looking great. They think it is migraines.. Dr Google gets it right one more time!! As I used to get migraines before and now I don't this could be a form of them due to the changes in hormones. They have referred me to an eye care centre to rule out any problems with my eyes and I will go in either Sat or next week. The doctor sent me home for the day and told me not to stress that all is ok with me and the baby. She also told me not to work too much and try to do all the things I used to do before the pregnancy. I need to chill out and look after myself. I lost 1 kg from last week, no idea why but they say it's normal to gain and lose and gain in the first trimester. It would be problem in the second trimester but for now to keep eating well for me and the baby! I think I lost as all the food I eat is going straight to Peanut.. I need to eat more!! I feel like all I do these days is eat.. how much more can I eat?!?! LOL

So I am now on house rest, with my feet up about to eat my lunch and feeling much better. I will watch movies and sleep and wait for D to get home. I fancy a bbq tonight!!! I told my boss over the phone now as I didn't want him to think that I was slacking off for an early weekend. He knows about our struggles with IVF and has been so supportive of me throughout even when it did not work. He was really happy but told me not to tell too many people at first and keep it to myself. I told him that's why we waited tell anyone. He said to stay relaxed and not worry about anything. He said that we can make arrangements for me to work from home if needed. I feel blessed with him as a boss. I know I am lucky!!
Other news, we are deciding names!! We know that if Peanut is a boy he will be called Gabriel,we loved the name for so long and we know if we will have another boy his name would be Michael. We loved these two names so much! If she is a girl we have an issue. We cannot decide on a name. So far we liked Sofia, well D liked Sofia more than I did and now I am not a fan and cannot see myself calling her that. So now we have to think of new names. Of course if it's a girl we want her to have Anna as a middle name in honour of D's mom who passed away two years ago. Let me know what your thoughts are on these names:
  1. Isabella Anna
  2. Michelle Anna
  3. Chloe Anna
  4. Sofia Anna

If you can think of any other names that would sound amazing with Anna, let me know!! I love Isabella as I can see myself calling her Izzy or Isabel depending on my mood.. I know it's super popular in the States but it's not so popular in Europe or the UK so I think she will end up in a class filled with Isabellas...!!LOL

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  1. I LOVE Isabella as well, its a beautiful name. You could also call her Bella for short from the book Twilight. :o)

    My second choice would be Chloe.

    Glad your U/S went good and hope your eye problems get better!