March 9, 2010


So today I freaked out. I did everything right since Thursday, no running around, no pushing my limits, no getting upset. Just taking it easy and being calm new me. This morning I woke up and I made breakfast of cereals and yogurt and an orange juice with added calcium. Then as my car broke down on me on Saturday and it's still in for repair, I waited for D to get ready and take me to work. I did not panic or worry or anything, I was happy today. Tall of a sudden at 10.38 the vision started again,I know the exact time as I wanted to see how long it would last this time. Instead of relaxing like last time and waiting for it to go I freaked out thinking that this time something really bad could be happening to me or the baby. I FREAKED out!!! I was at my desk for 5 minutes when a friend walked in and saw me. She said to breath and close my eyes that all would be ok.I tried but then the tingling in my hand started to get really intense and I freaked out even more. I asked her to take me to the clinic we have on site here (I work in a site office so there are work related accidents).By the time I got there I was panicked and the vision was worst. They measured my heartbeat and it was through the roof because I was so panicked. My blood preassure was elevated but within range. I had no fever. They got to lie down whilst they were waiting for the doctor to see me. The vision was at its final stage then and like before it went high on top of my head and then it was gone. I felt really faint so they put my feet up and I felt better. Then the doctor came to see me and did on me the test to see if I was having a stroke. I know the test as I saw it being done on my dad before. I responded well and all seemed ok, at least I was not having a stroke. He was concerned about the light and I told him that I am seeing an ompthamologist tomorrow for the same concern. He said that all my vitals were normal apart from the heart beat at first but that was mainly due to me panicking as afterwards it went back to normal. My blood sugar levels were on the low end. He wants me to see a neurologist to see if there aren't any other major problems but he thinks this might not be the case. I have a family history of hypertension and my dad had a massive stroke two years ago.
It was the first time my blood sugar levels were tested and I put one and two together. I have these attacks mid morning. Generally mid morning. What could happen is that as I don't eat over night my levels drop and the breakfast I have does not really have much sugars so this gets the levels up just a bit but then they go down and the the visions happen. It could be that but I am not a doctor so I cannot know what is the real cause. I spoke to my doctor and she said to see what the opthamologist tells me tomorrow and if they cannot find anything we can find a physician to look into things further. I already have someone in mind and made an appointment to see him tomorrow. He is a GP in a very good center specialised mainly in diabetes so if nothing is found I can suggest I go see him for more tests. I am determined to get to the bottom of this and I am determined not to let things as they are because these attacks are freaking the hell out of me and if there is a way for me to manage these issues then why wait until things could possibly get worst. I have a baby to grow and nourish and I cannot do this if I am not well.
I decided to stay in the office as I thought that if it comes back I don't want to be on my own at home with D 45 minutes away. Our new house is in a remote area and as I don't even have my car today I would feel even more panicked if anything were to happen. Breath in, breath out...


  1. Oh I really hope you get to the bottom of this!!! So scary! Just try to hang in there - and you're right - keep breathing!!!!!

  2. I hope you get to the bottom of this. They sound a lot like my precursor to migraines (the vision/light auras, the tingling in a hand, etc). Sometimes I get killer headaches, sometimes I don't. Low blood sugar could be a trigger as are hormonal changes. Good job getting checked for the stroke (I have had the same, especially with a family history).

    Take care of yourself and your peanut!

  3. thank you ladies for your messages. We hope to get to the bottom of this in the coming weeks and in the meantime I really hope it does not happen again.