March 17, 2010

We have one active baby in there!!!

Today's ultrasound was the best so far.. well I always say that, don't I?? Anyway, it was incredible...!! Peanut was not moving at first, the doctor said that he/she must have been asleep but then after a minute or so there he/she was moving his arms and legs and doing flips! It was amazing to watch! We expected Peanut to move an arm or a leg or something but to see him/her doing flips and hiding from the "camera" (just like his/her daddy) that was just amazing. D and I were both laughing so much because we could not believe our eyes!! D asked me if I felt the baby moving and I have not yet, the doctor said it's too early. She measured him/her even though it was not easy with Peanut moving around so much (just like me... I never stay still!). The good news is that he measuring a week ahead of schedule, he has done a lot of growing in the last week or so. What an amazing change. D wanted the doctor to take a picture of the baby with his arms and legs but the doctor could not as he kept moving around so we got one with his legs and one with his arms. LOL The doctor actually got D to hold the button that takes pics so that he could take the shots he wanted! LOL He got a pretty cool pic of Peanut's bending his leg!! That was so sweet of her! Love our miracle doctor!! The great part of today was that everything looks good and that the other doctor that was in the room saw the beginning of the nasal bone which is good news too. We got to spend a good 10 minutes looking at Peanut which was more than we could have asked for and we got 4 pics of the baby too! We then got back to our doc's office and I asked when we would find out the sex and she said that according to what she saw today she thinks we are having a boy. Then again she said it's early days so she cannot be sure but we will be finding out soon enough. Wow! That's amazing, I thought we would have a lot longer to wait! Now we are all set for the NT scan next Thursday. We left the office with the biggest of smiles!!!

Last night we agreed that if all looked ok today we would announce our pregnancy on FB. I have been more hesitant than D but I knew how much he wanted to scream it from the rooftops and he has been so patient that it felt right. So we coordinated it and we posted this message: "Blue or Pink, what will it be? We'll just have to wait until October to see!" and then we changed our profile pics and of course we picked the same pic!! I felt so strange doing this big announcement thing because all these years these announcements got me down.. so I hope I have not hurt anyone in the process. I was finally be able to tell the group who did IVF with me in Jan that it worked.. I felt so guilty going MIA on them for this long but I could not tell them. Life is surely filled with surprises and this little one is the best I have ever dreamed of.....

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  1. Congrats girl! I saw your big announcement on FB! That is so exciting. I have my NT scan this friday so I am hoping that if all is well we'll be joining you in the FB announcement club!