March 6, 2010

I think I have finally realised that I am indeed PREGNANT!!!

So after my last post, I spoke to both my mom and the D who told me that if I don't slow down and allow my body to rest and relax I will end up on bed rest of worst. The eye problems I have experienced are just a warning light for things to come if I don't slow down, calm down and realise that I am indeed pregnant. It hit home in a big way. Over the last 8 weeks and more I have been running around as I usually do, I don't take breaks, I do 3000 things at once and I don't listen to my body I go to work, come home, cook, clean and do a lot more things before D gets home and after too. My mom told me that on my dad's side there is a history of hypertension and that me getting upset and not resting enough could lead to me getting this too. She did not want to scare me but she wanted to make me realise that if I don't listen to my body now things could get worst. So from Thursday I promised to myself that I will change my ways. The incidents with my eyes scared me a lot and I really don't want to find out what they are warning lights for. I am determined to take things easier and listen to my body more. Yesterday I slept a total of 15 hours. I was exhausted and I know it's because I have overworked myself all week. So over the weekend and from now on I am taking it easy, even going to the store to pick up some plants made me feel so dizzy and tired. I am now resting in front of the tv. I wonder how I will make it at work this week and I am determined to take time off if I feel like I need it. I might take my boss's offer and work from home. I am also not going to travel anywhere. This year I was supposed to go to Italy for Easter but my doctor told me that it's really not advisable especially during the time I wanted to go. So I will take it easy here and make the most of our new house. D will travel to see his family and I am still intending to take time off and stay at home and rest. We are supposed to go for his brother's wedding in June but I might stay put depending on how things develop.
I read that a lot of IF girls have a difficult time realising that they are indeed pregnant. I suppose after the long road that lead us here it's difficult to believe that this miracle is really happening to us. I keep thinking that I am pregnant but in an abstract kind of way (I know.. strange!!). Well now I need to make a conscious decision to act and behave pregnant for the good of my Peanut, D and my own too... because I really AM PREGNANT!!

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  1. Glad you are going to listen to your body. Enjoy it while you have the greatest excuse for being a lazy ass're pregnant!!!!!!!