March 21, 2010

Confessions of an 11 weeks along mama...

I am 11 weeks pregnant today and this is how I have been feeling lately...

  1. The closer we get to being 12 weeks the better and more relaxed I feel. I haven't had a bad (miscarriage related) dream in a while and the nausea is slowly going away.
  2. I am still capable of falling asleep at 8 pm and sleep through to 12pm the next day!
  3. I am still hungry most of the time but I can control and deal with it in a more proactive way than before without letting it get too unbearable.
  4. My trousers are getting tighter around the waist and I am getting the beginning of a baby bump (I think).
  5. My boobs are continuing to grow and I am now one cup bigger than before... yaay for that!
  6. My hand eczema is still very much a bother and showering and washing is a tough job as the worst area is my effected area is my right hand. I am going to see a dermatologist today to see if I can use any safe creams for the eczema but of course I will not use any creams until a) I have checked them out with my RE and b) I have Googled the crap out of them to be extra safe!!
  7. I haven't had any more eye incidents and touch wood I won't have them anymore! I am going to see the neurologist in a few hours to confirm all is well.
  8. We are having sex again. The doctor never told us to stop having sex but to have "very gentle and superficial sex".. whatever that means!! We didn't want to risk it so we waited until a week ago to start again.. by that stage we both could not wait any longer!! I think the more we do it the less freaky it's going to feel and the more we are going to enjoy it!
  9. I am growing fine hair on my belly... it's mainly in the area directly below and above my belly button. Sometimes it grosses me out and I have renamed myself Bigfoot!! After much Googling I read it's pretty normal for some to have more hair. It's still gross but I still would not do anything about it. Some women shave other wax but I will leave it as I read it goes away after you deliver. I am a hairless kind of person who never needed to shave my legs more than once a week and now my hair is growing so fast that I need to shave every 2 days!! As I have said... Bigfoot.
  10. I am a bit worried about doing the NT scan and blood test on Thursday and I am sure I will be a wreck until I see Peanut.. then all will be good with the world again.
  11. I am not sure about the names we chose for the baby and I keep changing my mind.
  12. I am walking around with the biggest grins in the world and I am capable of talking about pregnancy and what a blessing it is for us to be pregnant to anyone who is willing to listen.
  13. I have allowed myself to become attached to Peanut from the moment he/she was transferred into my uterus. I speak to Peanut as if he/she can understand and I tell Peanut of how much we wanted to have him/her in our lives and how much he is loved.
  14. D got me a cleaning lady and I am so thankful that he convinced me to have her come clean the house. It's the best present ever! She comes in every Friday and so our house is clean for the rest of the week.
  15. I cry a lot these days... about anything and everything.
  16. I love D so much. I love the fact that he loves my changing body and that he keeps telling that I am a sexy and beautiful mama. I love the fact that he tells me off for doing too much. I love the fact that he sees when I am tired and does not pushes me to do things I don't want to do. I love him because he is already the best dad in the world and he doesn't even know it yet! (started to cry so I will stop.. but the list goes on...)

So this is me at 11 weeks... in love with D and Peanut and generally so happy I could burst!!!


  1. This is beautiful - I'm so happy you are in such a good place.

  2. Wooohooo for 11 weeks. Won't be long before you are out of the 1st tri!!!