March 29, 2010

Need to rethink baby boys' names

So first we had issue with the perfect girl's name and now we found Isabella which we love and hope she will love too. Now the issue comes with boys names. We were set on Gabriel all these years but now that we thought about it and did some research we are not so sure anymore. We looked up the name on Babynamesworld and we realised that if we call him that he might be subjected to name bullying. It never occurred to us until we saw it and now we feel like we need to come up with a different name. But what name? It has to be a name that is easily pronounced in all of our 4 languages (Italian, Greek, Dutch and English) and that is not an easy task! I feel like we are starting from zero again and that our baby will be called Peanut in the end!!! LOL

The alternative names we liked were Michael and Dominic but now we are not so sure about these two either! Oh what a mess!! A friend at work has nicknamed the baby Alberto from the day I told her I was pregnant but I don't like the name and won't easily translate and people will end up calling him Al! I always thought I was lucky to be called Laura as it's so simple and easily translatable and I have never been bullied because of it.. that was until last night when I told D about it and it said: "weren't you ever called Laura the whor-A"!!!LOL So there my name can be made into an insult too!! Which maybe it supposed to tell me that there is no "safe" name!


  1. Don't stress. Luckily you have plenty of time! The perfect name will hit you!

    I still like Gabriel!

  2. i LOVE the name gabriel. it's my favorite boy name, but i have the same concerns about bullying that you guys do. sad that we have to think about those things, huh?? well, this is a good dilemna to have, so happy name hunting :o)

  3. I had the name I loved for 20 years stolen from me by a cousin about 2 weeks ago (I've known since Christmas she was going to use it) and it took me a while to get over it. Then one day, a new more perfect name just came to me. If it's a boy, you will find the perfect name in time. I love the name Gabriel.