March 28, 2010

12 weeks pregnant!!!!

Today we are 12 weeks pregnant. It is the week we have been looking forward to the most, the week of, dare I say it,"safety". Well, now we are here and it feels GREAT. Knowing that the chances of a "M" are a lot less than 10 weeks ago, reassure me and I hope the bad dreams will slowly stop. Our baby is the size of a Plum. Funnily enough I brought a plum with me for lunch today... and knowing how baby is as big as that it's incredible!! He will develop reflexes this week and if I press on my belly he will move to avoid it. He will also be able to make sucking noises and curl his toes. He will start moving his eyes from side to side. How very amazing is this week!!

I keep seeing pictures of women during their 12 weeks and they have a bump, a small one but nonetheless a baby bump. Mine seems to be gone. I went to see a friend yesterday who I haven't seen since I before the pregnancy and I wanted to show her how different I look now. Well the bump was not there. I have a retroverted uterus and the baby is on the left side below my belly button. I know this because at every u/s that's where he is and my left side is always more bloated than the right side. I wonder if this is why I am not showing yet or whether it's normal that I am not showing yet. The doctor reassures me that the uterus will flip all by itself at around 20 weeks or before unless there are any adhesion that have contributed to the uterus being retrovered. I really hope this is not the case and that my uterus will give in to the baby weight and flip naturally.
Last Thursday after work I went food shopping and then made my way home. I got home and was looking for my house keys and they were gone and I mean gone gone. I emptied my bag and nothing. I called D and told him I was locked out as I lost my house keys. He could not believe it. I am normally one of those people who never lose house keys or forget things. Well that was until I got pregnant. This is the new me. I leave the house without my wedding/engagement ring, I lost my fertility necklace and now my house keys. It's a brand new me and poor D knows about it! Well today I was determined to call around all the places I went to on Thursday to see if I could find the keys. I called the supermarket last and they have them!! I was so pleased to know that they are no lost and that I am not a complete airhead!! Victory for my memory!!
Today I also got my much awaited Spoiled Mama box of goodies!!! It is all wrapped up so well that I don't want to open it in the office but wait until I can enjoy every minute!! It looks delicious and yummy and my tummy cannot wait to be all Spoiled up!!


  1. I never showed at 12 weeks either. I started showing around 16/17 weeks and started to wear maternity shirts that tied in back because it made me look more pregnant...normal clothes were still hiding the baby bump.

  2. Thanks Melissa at least I am not alone in this!! I will try those clothes.. I really want to show already and at the moment it seems I am going back to my normal shape which is worrying me and a bit scary!!!

  3. Congratulations at making it to 12 weeks!!!

  4. I didn't gain any weight for a long time when I first got pregnant but i was in maternity clothes
    at about 7 weeks. I couldn't believe it but it happens some people just pop out right away.

  5. I never showed at 12 weeks with my first two daughters but with this third pregnancy and I am huge and I am only 12 weeks. I guess may be is the BOY :D