March 23, 2010

One good doctor and one bad one..

I have always suffered from eczema. When I was a child I used to get an allergic reaction every summer and my feet would break out in little bumps that would each.. I am sensitive to heat, cold, certain types of foods, most cleaning products and on an on the list goes. I can live with it by being careful and taking precautions. Before getting pregnant I used to use a cortisone based lotion that used to help with the itchiness and redness. Even before getting pregnant I stopped using it, just in case I was pregnant.

My issue is that since becoming pregnant the eczema has become so bad that it wakes me up at night. It's concentrated mainly on my right fingers and two of my left fingers too. It all started when I was about 2 days pregnant (I am not joking here!) I was making a Frittata (an Italian version of an omelet) and I touched the egg shells with my hands to out them in the bin. The next morning my fingers looked like they were the fingers of a monster. They were itching like crazy and filled with little red pimples. I could not even bend my fingers. The itchiness lasted one day and then as it came it went. I didn 't put any creams on them just Vaseline and that helped. Then I discovered Aveeno hand cream and read up on it and it's safe for mama and Peanut I started using it. I apply it every day twice a day and it helps. On good days the eczema is gone and my hands look normal on bad days, the days in which I have eaten eggs or strawberries or used too much soap at work, my hands are a complete horror to look at and they itch like crazy!! I made an appointment with a dermatologist to see if he could recommend any safe creams for me to apply.

Well today I went and he prescribed two products which are safe and one which I will never use as long as I am pregnant. Seriously what is this guy taking me for, a moron! He prescribed me a Potent corticosteroid cream that should not be used during pregnancy. I asked him and made sure to him during my visit that I don't want to used any creams that might effect the chances of my baby having any birth defects because of them and here he goes prescribing me this cream and telling me it's safe for mama and baby! I am not impressed!! I will take the cream my RE on Thursday and show her but no matter what she says I will not take this cream I would rather keep the eczema than put by baby's life at risk like this. I will use the other cream and the fragrance free, preservative free soap but not anything else! So instead of feeling more relaxed about the whole situation I am not any wiser...! What a useless and scary exercise that was!!!

In other medical news I went to see the neurologist and he told me that my "visions" are normal. Basically instead of getting the bad migraines I was getting before the pregnancy, I am now getting the symptoms of them without the pain. He told me that in some pregnancies the head pain goes away but the symptoms are enhanced by the pregnancy hormones, hence the vision. He said he cannot give me anything for them and cannot do a MRI as I am pregnant and number one priority is the safety of the baby. I like this doctor already! He said not to panic when I get them and to try breath and relax. I felt much better after seeing him.
We are counting down till Thursday, we get to see Peanut again and we get to do the NT scan and blood test. Cannot wait to see our little dancer again!!

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  1. Sorry to hear about the eczema. Did you look up the corticosteroid that he perscribed you to see what class it is in pregnancy? Maybe just using a little bit of it to offer some relief would be ok....especially if it is class A or B.

    Glad to hear about your migraines. I don't know what is worse...having the pain of a migraine or the vision problems without the pain. At any least your doc said it's normal!