March 10, 2010

Ruling things out...

I write to you after my Opthamologist visit so please forgive me if some of this writing does not make much sense. My pupils are dilated and I cannot see very well. All went well. My vision has improved for once in 13 years so I need to get new lenses for my glasses!!That is a welcomed change and one I did not expect. The exact same thing happened to my mom. She started her pregnancy with one prescription and ended with one lower. Talk about like mother like daughter!! Then the doctor went on to examining my eyes and all looks as it should do. He saw no problem that could have caused the incidents I am having. He believes they are caused by migraines and in order to be sure of this diagnosis he wants me to see a neurologist. He also has made an appointment for me to see a retina specialist at the same clinic to confirm that his findings are indeed correct. I feel relieved that there is nothing wrong with my eyes and yet I feel like we are still at square one in establishing what's causing these episodes.
I called my RE and told her what the doctor said. They will refer me to a neurologist they know and we will take things from there. I have started eating a bigger breakfast as of today and I hope the extra sugars will help, if this indeed caused by lack of food. I really do still believe that the fact that these incidents always happen first thing in the morning has relevance and it probably has to do with the fact that I don't eat all night and that my breakfast is low in sugar. I will make an active effort and eat fruit and maybe on some occasion peanut butter and jam as well as I have had a craving for it and I read it's OK, like all good things if in small quantities.
I now wait in anticipation until we get to see Peanut tomorrow!! I can hardly wait to see how big he/she has gotten in just one week. Like all Wednesdays, I wish Thursday would hurry up and get here already. D cannot wait either as he did not get to see him/her last week because it was an unscheduled u/s. I keep telling him that our Peanut is going to be dancing for us and whether he/she takes after him!!! Today is a better day...


  1. So happy for you that today is better. Just keep taking care of yourself and Peanut, and LISTEN to those doctors. You had a team of people help you get the little Peanut, and now you have a team of folks to keep you healthy. And have fun at your ultrasound tomorrow - so nice that D gets to go with you.

  2. Thank you Alex! The u/s was so much fun.. they always are!!! I will listen to my doctors!!!