March 11, 2010

Why I love Thursdays

I was born on a Thursday. Thursdays are the start of the weekend in the Middle East. Now Thursdays are the days when we go see our baby!!! Last night we went to bed at 9.30 as I was so tired. I cooked dinner for D and after it I felt like I had no energy left in me. D had to scoop me up and take me to bed. I got up and went to the bathroom on 3 occasions and managed to fall asleep after all 3. I then decided I had enough and go up before my alarm. I was ready to see our baby!!! I got ready and then woke up D, I whispered in his ear..."are you ready to see Peanut?" He woke up with the biggest smile!! He said he had a dream about peanut in her sacs. Well today that dream come true. The doctor inserted the cam and sure enough there she/he was.. much bigger than last time and in her own sacs!!! All looked at it should be and Peanut is getting so big now. Last week there was no sac this week we saw them!! How amazing!! We did not see the baby moving around as the doctor was not familiar with the new ultrasound machine and she could not get the measurement of the baby so she left it as that. After she was satisfied all looked great we got our pic!! I wished we saw her moving around but maybe it's too early. The GREAT news is that we are back next week for my usual injection and to also get to see our baby again and get her measured!! I am so happy I don't have to to wait the 2 full weeks.. getting spoiled here!! Then the week after we are back again for the NT scan. I know I will be a bundle of neves before that but I know all will be ok.
Life is amazing when you know your baby is ok. I am starting to get why my mom freaks out when I am not well... and I am almost 30!! A mother's love and connection to her children is like no other.. absolutely unconditional and so immense. I am totally in love with our baby.


  1. What a great picture! It's amazing how big it is getting!!!! That is so wonderful that you are being spoiled with lots and lots of u/s!!!

  2. What a beautiful post! And so awesome that you get to see the little one so often. You keep referring to the baby as a girl... do you have a feeling????